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The Problem with Ego

I’ve been watching the BP interrogation Congressional hearing with interest for one reason and one reason only, to see the arrogance of American Congressmen and women. Democrats and Republicans alike repeatedly accused the embattled British corporate chieftain of refusing to … Continue reading

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Selection Results

The FY-11 CO/XO selection board results are out. It’s a very stressful time in the career of a submariner, as failure to screen leads to all sorts of things. Congrats to the folks who are selected from amongst the “best … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Dear Madam,– I have been shown in the files of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant General of Massachusetts that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle. I feel … Continue reading

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There are some universal moments we can all share. One is the parting of a family pet. These last few days she takes no joy in life, and when I petted her last night I discovered wasted spaces where strong … Continue reading

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Know when to fold ’em…

Abu Muqawama, one of the first blogs I started reading, was always an interesting analysis of COIN efforts (for those of us Navy types who like to read about the Long War). Sadly, Andrew is folding up shop … Allow … Continue reading

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A runaway barge beaches itself along the coastline in Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Locals are coming by in droves to see the barge, which sits just next to the fishing pier along the south end of the beach at Little … Continue reading

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Let me know how that goes

Remember “The Satanic Verses“? Came out when I was a kid (relatively). Big-to-do. Apparently had “blasphemous portrayals of the Prophet Muhammad.” Didn’t win many awards, unless you count a fatwa to kill yourself as a form of flattery. That was … Continue reading

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