People who get overly inflamed over what they perceive as lack of proper actions (especially when they have no basis) are like hemorrhoids. They can be a real pain in the ass.

The US Fifth Fleet and US aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower in the Gulf of Oman were not allowed to shoot at an Iranian Fokker F27 aircraft which on April 21 hovered for 20 minutes 900 meters over the carrier and no more than 250 meters away, even though they saw its flight crew gathering intelligence on the Eisenhower and its warship escorts.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military sources report that the US Persian Gulf command went public on the incident on April 28, a whole week later, only after Gulf military circles, amazed at the American naval and air units’ passivity in the face of hostile surveillance, threatened to break the story to local media.

This striking restraint indicates that the US Gulf and Arabian fleets are under orders to take no action – certainly not to open fire – against Iranian naval or air units, with first obtaining permission directly from Washington.

Wow, crack journalism there shippy. Never mind international laws of conflict, the fact that the Iranians were essentially doing nothing more than tourists on a cruise liner do, or the historical precedence that could easily be verified by Googling “Soviet and American Cold War at sea” to see how we usually handle such things.

Nope, let’s act enraged because “souces” are amazed at lack of action. Especially when said sources are from countries KNOWN for restraint in action…

These Gulf sources, talking to debkafile, wondered out loud if the United States would also turn a blind eye to an Iranian attack that cause the sinking of a Saudi, UAE or Israeli ship sailing in the Gulf.

Nope, never seen anyone get 1,000 lashes for porn or anything ridiculous like that in that area of the world.

Clearly the people we should be taking international relations clue from.


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One Response to Inflammation

  1. Niall says:

    Agreed. It might also have something to do with the fact that an overzealous US Navy ship shot down a civilian Iranian airliner, killing about 300 civilians, thinking it was “hostile” about 15 years ago. Pentagon probably wants to avoid another incident like that.

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