Down Scope

I apologize for the extended break in postings.

It will probably continue for a few more days.

I’m re-evaluating what I want to do with this blog. Why you ask? Because I’ve been reading books lately. Books written by better writers than I, who have done better things than I. It’s causing me to re-think what I want to post about here.

Stand by…

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7 Responses to Down Scope

  1. Henry Hendrix says:

    Writers don’t start out being good writers, they learn as they go along. However, some people just have better ideas and this ability overcomes any roughness in their writing style. Keep going, you have good ideas.

  2. Eagle1 says:

    What Henry said.

  3. Niall says:

    Henry is right. But becoming a good writer is also a question of developing confidence in how you view the world, and courage in sharing it. Keep on truckin’.

  4. Matt says:

    Keep it going. You may not be the most polished but your insight are usually spot on and sometimes make me laugh at our collective selves. The military establisment sometimes takes ourselves too serious. Poor or lazy staff work produces the best gems and you always find them. Surface, cycle the air and refresh, if that I correct Sub terms. Then go deep and keep providing reality. Hope you comeback.

  5. virgil xenophon says:

    “My wife just ran off with my best friend and I miss him!” Sending out the man-love FastNav. I think we were here once before and I said write what you like and to hell with us. There are always more lurkers than those who comment. Hang tough. Hate to see “diversity” in the blogosphere go. LOL

  6. 2004ROTC GRAD says:

    I agree with what Henry said… Are you coming back any time soon?

  7. Erwin says:

    – OMG i love the picture of them siitntg on the bench looking out. it’s so simply peaceful. and the wide shot of them, camera right at sunset is so pretty. Everything you do is definitely yours.

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