And you thought getting your eyes fixed guaranteed an aviation slot, huh?

Ok, maybe not so harsh a term should be used here.

But still, I guarantee some folks ain’t happy

Too few Naval Academy seniors opted to become nuclear-qualified submarine officers this fall, so the school’s administration has asked more students to make that their career path and, if necessary, will force them.

In a message to the Brigade of Midshipmen on Tuesday, the academy’s director of professional development, Capt. Stephen Evans, wrote that the academy this year was required to send 125 officers into the nuclear submarine training pipeline, but that only 92 had been accepted by Naval Reactors. That meant 33 midshipmen would be asked to volunteer or told to become sub nukes.

“If you are subsequently identified for a submarine interview, understand that you were released from your preferred community after serious consideration,” Evans wrote. “Be professional and focus on the positive aspects of serving your country in the submarine force.”

I’m sure they’ll all go on to great careers.

Can’t imagine any of them would become disillusioned….nope…not a one.

The $1,000,000 question is this…. how many of these lucky midshipmen forced into submarines will be women??

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4 Responses to Impressment

  1. Grandpa Bluewater says:

    The guys in a former round of NUKE OR ELSE should be about CO high now. How many of how many stayed and made it? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Seth says:

    This has happened for a few years now. I had a couple ensigns in prototype that were non-vols. Both did pretty well, but weren’t exactly happy (who is in prototype).

  3. Grandpa Bluewater says:


    Those guys were still on the hook. I meant staying past EAOS to the point of achieving command.

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