Hmmmm…how about “No”?

DC Sniper John Allen Muhammad, who apparently didn’t need a jihad to go around killing Americans, is slated for execution in November.

Not so fast, says his Defense Attorney, we plan to ask for clemency from the Governor!!

An attorney for convicted Washington-area sniper John Allen Muhammad, who is scheduled to be executed November 10, will seek clemency from Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine on October 22.

Jonathan Sheldon said he will also file an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court on November 2. He posted the dates Tuesday on his law firm’s Web site.

Really? I can only wonder as to the grounds for such a statement. Should be fun.

To his credit, The Guv’nah ain’t having it…

Kaine told CNN affiliate WTOP Radio during its “Ask the Governor” program last month that he couldn’t imagine a circumstance under which he would grant clemency.

“I know of nothing in this case that would suggest that there is any credible claim of innocence or that there was anything procedurally wrong with the prosecution,” Kaine said.

Good on ya.

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6 Responses to Hmmmm…how about “No”?

  1. Ron G says:

    Let’s play a little game with ol’ Sniper Boy. His execution will happen randomly, while pumping gas at several different pumps. Let him sweat it out until he gets his evil brains blown out by SWAT team sniper. I like it!

  2. fastnav says:

    Even better, hold a lottery where people can pay to be the sniper-du-jour. But only one will have a real bullet.

    Everyone else gets blanks, and Old Man Muhammad gets the joy of hearing numerous shots fired with no result except the increasing level of his own insanity.

    • Bonanza says:

      “Diversity is America’s greatest stgtrneh” and variations on same, is not a claim, it is a slogan, a rationale for favoring certain groups over others. I find it kind of scary to have a political discussion with a really committed liberal, and to discover that the person does not require a reasoned justification for their position on an issue like “diversity”; it is enough for them that this is the correct position to take. The parallels to religious belief are obvious and have been stated here before.

      • Dulia says:

        “Diversity is America’s greatest stgtrneh”…..How so? In what way? Imagine there was another America – absolutely identical to this one in every way but one, its population was all-White – which would be “stronger”?I’m pretty sure the OP was satirical, and brilliantly so. The best satire shows not a crack of smile at its own absurdity.

  3. Marie says:

    – among many other things – that it was a black man. NoNoNoNoNo, said the loalcs including the local police. “It’s a white guy acting out of pure racism – sort of a modern KKK.” Douglas took some heat on this but stuck to his guns, pointing out that a white guy would stand out like a sore thumb in the all black ghetto communities that these children were disappearing from. Somebody would have noticed him. Nobody ever saw a suspicious white man.It turned out to be Wayne Williams, a middle-class black man who also might have stood out in the affected communities IF the police hadn’t been looking for a white man or white men.

  4. Oksana says:

    Diversity is America’s greatest sttngerhJust once I’d like to hear someone back up that claim with data. Liberals don’t pose questions, they pose excuses; they don’t make statements, they make accusations.What’s interesting is that right now, in one week, we have 3 major crime stories in the news – the Richmond gang rape, Ft Hood, and Muhammed – that should put the focus on the benefits (or lack thereof) of diversity. Are people paying attention? Have they noticed? Even a few of them?One hopes.

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