Interesting article here about the supposed “Return of the Neocons.” Makes a great point that they have not “returned” because that would imply that they left in the first place. It’s that the blinding sheen of hope has dimmed a little bit to reveal that the troubles of the world still remain. Thus, those who would venture to correct those troubles, or at the least defend against them, are still relevent.

None of this is to say that neoconservatism represents some kind of infallible doctrine—or that it’s even a doctrine. Neocons have erred in overestimating the U.S. public’s willingness to engage in long struggles on behalf of other people. They have erred also in overestimating the willingness of other people to fight for themselves, or for their freedom.

But as the pendulum has swung to a U.S. foreign policy based on little more than the personal attractions of the president, it’s little wonder that the world is casting about for an alternative. And a view of the world that understands that American power still furnishes the margin between freedom and tyranny, and between prosperity and chaos, is starting to look better all the time. Even in France.

Good article, but it forgets to mention one thing.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

Yes, there have been gross over-estimations on the apetite and willingness to be the world’s police. But even though the neocons are still holding the flame, as it were, unless the apetite is restored in short order, someone else will rush in to fill the void left by the departure of our determination.

And then we’ll be stuck wondering if the new powers are our friend.

Or is it hoping?

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One Response to NEOCONS

  1. Niall says:

    The problem with the neocons is that, for some reason, they think promoting Iran’s foreign policy is in the interests of the US. At the beginning of this century, Iran had two mortal enemies: Saddam Hussein in the west, and the Taleban in the east. Under the strategic brilliance of the neocons, we removed both of those obstacles and handed Iraq over to Iranian influence on a platter.

    All of which could have been predicted – and was in fact predicted – at the time. At some point stupidity begins to count against you, no matter how lofty the ideals you are promoting.

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