Whiskey Tango Friday

larazaAmid all the chaos and turbulence surround the deficit, defense spending, and health care reform, it seems the immigration reform crowd feels somewhat neglected

This same president who insists the country can’t wait to fix what he calls a broken health care system tells reformers to wait for him to get around to fixing what they consider to be an equally broken immigration system.

And the same president who seems to understand that the longer he waits to accomplish health care reform, the more difficult it will be to get, doesn’t seem to understand the same is true with immigration reform.

The political math for both kinds of reform only gets more difficult if Democrats lose seats in the House and Senate in next year’s midterm elections, as is expected to happen.

So it’s not really that you NEED it now, it’s that you want it while you think you have a chance of getting it. Got it.

Selfish, but I got it.

One thing that has thrown a wrench into the prospects for health care reform is the Joe Wilsonian concern that illegal immigrants might get free health care as a result of the reform process. Had that issue been addressed beforehand by giving illegal immigrants a path to earned legalization, that controversy might have been defused. Now Obama might walk away with nothing.

So if we just make everyone who can run, swim, drive or fly faster than the Border Patrol legal there shouldn’t be anything to worry about, right? This isn’t the immigration Olympics. Faster, Stronger, Quicker shouldn’t be rewarded with citizenship.

[Latinos] are well-aware of the resistance out there to giving illegal immigrants a path to earned legalization, and so they’re drawn to elected officials who are willing to brave those winds in order to do the right thing.

Do the right thing?!? How about bringing your brother, sister, father, cousin, grandmother, etc into the country LEGALLY. How’s THAT for doing the right thing, instead of trying to play finder’s keepers?

Call that what you want. But it’s not leadership on an issue that demands nothing less.

Can’t argue that. There seems to be a huge lack of the leadership stuff going on nowadays….

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