The new Stan Strategy is all about them….

Joe Biden: “Seriously, Stan. Where was I? Oh yeah. I’m not a pussy cat. Truth. Remember those pirates off the coast of Somalia? I was like, “You know what, Rahm, we just should tell B-Rock to have some of our ninjas pop some caps into their skinny asses. At night. From a moving position. Onto a moving target. Through glass. Bobbing up and down. Three simultaneous head shots. Like at a carnival. That’s what I told B-Rock he should do. And he did it. And you know what? I was right. Ninjas are so TOTALLY where it’s at.”

The Man: …

Joe Biden: “And afterward, Rahm was like, “Excellent suggestion broseph — I mean Joseph! — Make those skinnies think twice before messing with Uncle Sam.”

Read the whole thing.

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One Response to Ninjas

  1. Nouno says:

    DonLocation: Phoenix, AZ1 August 2009 at 18:40 EDTPermalinkThe police Sgt was the adult in this mess. Gates is a rcsait and race baiter who has in the past has made rcsait comments that would never be tolerated had a White made them. He bragged that his mother hated Whites. Gates has similar views of “White America” that Rev. Jeremiah Wright has. Obama sat in the pews of a rcsait, Rev. Wright, for almost twenty years. I think he was sypathetic the Wright’s views, thus his world is colored in the prism of White and Black, and that’s why he assumed the Sgt acted “stupidly,” when in fact he did exactly the right thing and the only thing left for him to do.The comment indicates that the past “white of America” has been tolerating rcsait element – rather suppressing it – the thing is, “we are not there to exploit where black vs. white comes into the picture”. Tolerance is nature’s gifted virtue no doubt but, what goes behind tolerance should not remain floating where the aspect of color comes with the words racial or rcsait equating with the white because that becomes conflict prone for all and why even highlight that through the media to sell negativity (?) or rather than being positive with a inherent awakening on it that initiates transformation of the ordinary with a policy that merges with the nucleus of the country in democracy?America as land of its mixed culture for instance has already delivered that by bringing in Obama as the President.Therefore,THE CONCLUSION ON THIS IS “LANDS VIBRATE TO BRIDGE THE GAPS FOR GOVERNANCE ON THEIR NUCLEUS OF POWER ACCORDING TO THE POWER OF TIME IN TIMELESS”.

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