Whiskey Tango Friday


Marion Barry keeps getting elected to things.

and now, this.

I’m running for Senate. apparently, there’s no such thing as *too* crazy…

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2 Responses to Whiskey Tango Friday

  1. Niall says:

    Well, you know, I’m from Chicago where if your Alderman has no criminal record, you wonder what’s wrong with him. Now that I live in Santa Monica, whose government is squeaky, squeaky clean, holier than thou, and completely incompetent – well, sometimes I wonder if a little corruption doesn’t makes things run more smoothly for everyone.

  2. Darya says:

    Icaro:For Windows OS not support is preidvod?In my Windows XP i have not support for lightining calendar. Moreover the icon of button Ok and Close in the messagebox windows they not are displayed.Ciao.Your tango theme for Firefox it is great.

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