Sailors, rest your oars

Today is the anniversary of the loss of K-141, the KURSK.

118 hands lost in a horrific explosion in the Barents. Some survived the explosion, all would eventually succomb to the deep.

It’s a fate all of us are aware of, but hope none will have to endure.


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7 Responses to Sailors, rest your oars

  1. Hossain says:

    Brickfilming has gone both ways I have seen. In terms of filming it has presgosred very far. The question is, is that progress good or bad? I have seen people focus on more visual FX and CGI, which is not entirely a bad thing for the community it just shows that the people are taking less time to work on plot of their stories. I would personally like to see a revolution where plot would see over CGI and FX, but I guess its the common influence that people hear of it and they think it is the best thing to add to films. Unfortunately I would say for the worse. Yes we have made progress and yes we are learning new techniques, but it is just not enough, people are focusing to much on the little things. I would suggest people need to come up with their own ideas and maybe pay attention to the older generation brickfilmers for a little inspiration. No one has ever done fantastic by just adding CGI and VFX, they maybe really good but never at the top.

  2. Jason says:

    The Preparatory cycle went to 8 lessons becsuae I would have been driven crazy going round and round in a cycle of 6. It really depends on what one considers fundamental tango.

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