Get Some

The men of USS GEORGIA are heading out on their maiden deployment as a “Slow Attack



Georgia will deploy for approximately one year to the 5th and 6th Fleet Areas of Responsibility before returning to its homeport in Kings Bay. Georgia’s two crews, Blue and Gold, will alternate manning the submarine every three months, conducting crew swaps in Diego Garcia.

Georgia’s blue and gold crews are well-trained for a wide variety of missions including strike, special operations and irregular warfare. The submarine carries MK48 torpedoes and can carry 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles. There is additional space provided aboard Georgia to accommodate living, working and training of up to 66 special operations forces and their equipment.

I think they’ll have an awesome time and do some great, great things. Still not sure how I feel about driving something that big in areas where I was nervous squeezing a 688 in to, but good on ’em.

Of course, we’ll never hear about any of it.

Silent Service and all that….

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11 Responses to Get Some

  1. Chap says:

    It was fun doing it with a Polaris boat, yeah…hanging out in the Strait of Hormuz with a boat load of entertaining dudes…

  2. Chief Torpedoman says:

    Diego Garcia for crew swap? Good lord, I thought that Rota, Spain was bad for liberty on crew swap in the 70s. From experience on a Polaris SSBN, I know that the missile hatches and a lot of other stuff need maintenance between patrols. Are they going to bring the Frank Cable to Diego Garcia for these refits or just put off maintenance for a year until returning to Kings Bay (not a good idea).

    • fastnav says:

      Chief –
      I think the plan is to do minor maintenance during the year (I think they may pull into Guam for the work) and put off major items until RTHP.

  3. Chief Torpedoman says:

    To fastnav: I do hope they take advantage of the tender in Guam. I hope the missile hatches have imporved alot since the Polaris days. Not a lot of people remember that Torpedomen Launcher Techs ran the missile compartment on Polaris and Posieden boats.

    And Diego Garcia still sucks for a crew swap.

    • Buyung says:

      Thanks to Georgia Power for giving our stduents the opportunity to really show off their marketing know-how! We welcome all sorts of companies as potential partners so please let us know if your company has a potential promotion that could involve college stduents!

      • Ravi says:

        For a 450, the 450i runs strong and is in a cocpmat chassis. The Carb equipped Polaris 500 is no slouch in the power department, in spite of being a larger heavier machine. Althouth the Polaris design dates back, its suspension takes big hits yet is still remarkably plush. The Polaris has less body roll thanks to its wider stance and sway bar. Both front wheels pull on the Polaris when the rear tires slip, with its weight it may have a few advantages for plowing. I hope this helps.

  4. Chap says:

    And once they got converted over the hatches were taken care of by an ad hoc dvision built on a couple of folks stolen from other divisions. Good guys, but they were working on intuition and the other boats with their experts were long gone…

  5. Chief Torpedoman says:

    A Gang probably got the job. Most of the system is hydraulics and air and oh God did it leak.

    • fastnav says:

      I’m going to go with A-gang, since they own the hatches on fast attacks.

      • Vania says:

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        • Walmir says:

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