Of course, for those in the know, SNOB stands for the Shortest Nuke On Board. This honorative title is conferred upon that nuke who is next to leave the ship.

Usually signified by the transfer of a specialized SNOB belt buckle, it is a title of honor, glory, and short-timeness.

I bring it up because, while the SEALs have had the BULLFROG for quite some time, it seems the Surface Navy, in typical fashion, is trying to create their own tradition (as always, based on copying others).

Is your master chief old? I mean really old? Well he or she just might rate an honor for that. The Surface Navy Association is searching for its next “Old Tar” — the active-duty enlisted sailor who has been Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist qualified for the longest.

According to NavAdmin message 224/09, applications will be accepted for anyone who earned their pin “equal to or later than Aug. 1, 1982″ — and has the paperwork to prove it. The award, created in 1996 by the Surface Navy Association is currently held by recently retired Command Master Chief Sammie L. Lymon.

There is one catch, however, submissions must be received by Friday, July 31 at the association’s headquarters — 2550 Huntington Avenue, Suite 202, Alexandria, Virginia 22303.

Gotta love “awards”, run by NAVADMINs, but created by an outside organization. Shouldn’t these be one of those things you just GET, and consider yourself honored to do so? And since it’s after July 31st, if there was no submission do they let the retired guy keep it?

This whole thing begs the question though… is there anything like this for the Submarine Force? I know we do the little ceremony at every submarine ball to see who the longest qualified guy in the room is (always awesome), but is there anything for the longest qualified, active duty guy?

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4 Responses to SNOB

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, I don’t know about longest qualified, but there is the Neptune Award for the largest number of strategic deterrent patrols.

    • Dmitriy says:

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  2. Kevin says:

    Dude, I have attended meetings with “Bullfrog” before. He has a nametag that says “Bullfrog” and introduces himself as “Bullfrog,” but I never knew the significance of that until I read this post. Thanks for that – learn something new every day!

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