Stone Cold Busted

In quite the bit of inter-sluething, the Phibian discovers the Navy isn’t above bringing in the hired guns in order to get the message out.

This is starting to smell bad …. this site looks too good …. the prose is too … too ….

Yes, singlet boy is cackling and the gender-identity poster child is crying …. and I go straight to whois … and what do I find?

Who is Campbell-Ewald?

Campbell-Ewald is an American advertising agency. Founded in 1911 by Frank Campbell and Henry Ewald, Campbell-Ewald is one of the top 25 agencies in the U.S., with almost $2 billion in annual billings. They currently have over 30 clients. Campbell-Ewald has offices in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and San Antonio and are headquartered in Warren, Michigan, just north of Detroit. The agency currently has over 1,100 employees.

Who is one of their clients?
The U.S. Navy has awarded its estimated $800 million, five-year recruiting advertising and marketing contract to Warren-based agency Campbell-Ewald after a nearly yearlong mandatory review.

The contract is the second largest for the agency after General Motors Corp.’s Chevrolet account, which C-E has had since 1922, but could become its biggest if the automaker continues to trim its advertising budget.
…and from their client slideshow, they claim ownership of Two sources … I have a story … that and their lawyers give it all away in the terms of service part.

Lesson learned: If you’re trying to look grassroots, you can’t go around with a shiny, clean website.

Exhibit A) my site looks like crap. So you know it’s legit.

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