Hero Unmasked

The only thing more badass than a SEAL, is a corpsman SEAL.

A few months ago a big story was floating around about how there had only been 6 Navy Crosses awarded since 9/11, but one of them was unknown due to classification issues. Well, now the last awardee, Navy SEAL LT MArk Donald has come forth, and he’s a true hero.

SEAL LT Mark Donald

LT Mark Donald

His citation, which is not classified but on which his name had been redacted, tells most of the story.
As part of a mounted convoy on a mission against al-Qaida and Taliban in a location not specified as either Afghanistan or Pakistan, Donald and his team were ripped “with extremely heavy” small arms, machine gun and rocket-propelled grenade fire. “They were well-armed and well-trained,” he said. “They were close enough that you could see them and smell them.”
According to the citation, Donald got out of his truck shooting, pulled a wounded Afghan commander into cover behind the engine block, then pulled out a trapped, unnamed American.
“He covered the wounded with his own body while returning fire and providing care,” the citation reads. The fire was heavy enough at points to zip through his clothing and gear and hit his weapon.
Donald then went to treat wounded Afghans in the two lead trucks and rallied the remaining troops to “break the ambush.”
Later the same day, a joint unit sweeping the area was attacked near Donald and his team.
Again, he sprang into action. “Knowing personnel were gravely wounded Lieutenant Donald without hesitation and with complete disregard for his own safety ran 200 meters between opposing forces exposing him to withering and continuous heavy machine gun and small arms fire to render medical treatment to two wounded personnel, one Afghan and one American,” the citation reads. “Still under intense enemy fire, wounded by shrapnel, … he organized the surviving Afghan soldiers and led a 200 meter fighting withdrawal.”

A true hero. Granted, I think all docs are heroes. Those with Special Forces even more so because they still put down their weapons to render care at what are almost guaranteed bad times to NOT be shooting back.

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16 Responses to Hero Unmasked

  1. Froggy says:

    He is actually a PA, but he was a SEAL HM for many years. Proud to say he was one of my early mentors in the Teams. Nice job, Mark.

  2. Greg Miller says:

    Mark is one of the few heroes I know, top amongst them all. I’ve known him since high school, but I learn more about his commitment to his Country from press releases. He is not one to brag, and he doesn’t discuss his vital role in ops dating back to the late 80’s, even to his closest friends. I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I just want to take this opportunity to thank him and his brothers for all they have done for us over the last 2-3 decades. I am grateful and in awe.


  3. Michael Donald says:

    My little brother is the most honorable and caring man I know. The degree of pride I feel in his many accomplishments is boundless, and I know our wonderful mother feels the same way. Thank you, Mark, and to all of your brothers in arms, for all you have done for our family, our friends, and our country. And guess what people, he aint done yet, not by a long shot! I love you my brother.

    • fastnav says:

      Thanks for taking the time to come by Michael. Give your brother all our best and congratulations on a legendary career!

  4. Robert Reyna says:

    You big nose Mexican..remember me..from both O. indoc and San Diego. Shit, didn’t know you were all that and a bag of cheetos. Dude, I am so honored to have known a true hero. You really are, in real life a normal down to earth good being but in fantasy life you are greater than fiction..you truly have become a superhero..Congrats, I still think about you bro, you eccentric but patriotic fiend…qwery100@hotmail….let get together…

  5. Chris Michaels says:

    *** edited by the management because you haven’t earned the right to question a hero. ***

    • Michael Donald says:

      Hey Chris, is this how you make yourself feel better for never accomplishing anything worth a damn in your life, by trying to bring somebody down who actually has? Mark never wanted to come forward with this story. His superiors made him do it because he is retiring soon and the press has been hounding them for years. Get your facts straight next time before you decide to put your foot in your mouth, jackass.

  6. Chris Michaels says:

    **** tsk tsk still haven’t learned ****

  7. Michael Donald says:

    My brother has served our country with honor and distinction for 25 years. Of course I’m going to be offended when some moron, who doesn’t even know him, makes a false accusation. I will ALWAYS have my brother’s back. Who the hell are you to even question why he told this story. If anything, we need to hear more stories like this to counteract the negative press that is out there. Mark received his Navy Cross more than a year and a half ago and didn’t even feel like he deserved it. And he sure as hell hasn’t wanted to talk about it. He lost some good men that day and it brings tears to his eyes when he has to talk about it. All you have is a couple of articles from the Navy Times to corroborate your suspicions, but you have no first hand intel with the people immediately involved. Instead of giving him his due, “people” like you have to hate on others to make themselves feel better about their pitiful exsistence. You’re completely pathetic. Why don’t you be a man for once in your life, admit you were wrong about him, and move on.

  8. Niall says:

    Michael –

    I sympathize, but remember the First Rule of the Internet: Don’t Feed the Troll.

  9. Chris Michaels says:

    **** Nope. Not gonna happen ****

  10. Shtbgfinder says:

    *** nope ***

  11. Robert Reyna says:

    Mark….a standup guy…top notch…best man at my wedding…keep kickin butt

  12. Dan Royston says:

    OUTSTANDING JOB MARINE !! Yes….Mark..oh excuse me…Lt Donald was once a Marine….and Once a Marine, well you know the rest.

    You are a true hero Mark, and I am proud to have have served with you those many years ago. You need to tell your story…America needs to see the real heros that are serving our country and our citizens every day…and YOU ARE A REAL HERO!!!

    God speed, and I wish you all the best!

    Semper Fi!
    Royston DA Sgt
    Former Action Guy

  13. Leatherneck says:

    Mark is a fine example of the kind of men we have serving America. His military career is obviously something he should be very proud of and as citizens enjoying the freedoms earned long ago and and protected to this day by men like him, we should all do whatever we can to honor our veterans.

    Congratulations Mark, on a long and highly successful military career!

    Semper Fi,


  14. chrismichaels14@yahoo.com says:

    He is awesome

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