Quote of the Day

“No doctor, nurse or corpsman, for example, can stop in the middle of a surgery to question the morality of a “just war”. Just as we cannot lay down our rifle during a gun fight. Their morality is that patient beneath their steady hand, and trained eye. Their morality is to heal, not to question why there is healing to be done. A Marine’s is to seek battle, not to ask why there are battles to be had.”
CAPT Alex Martin, USMC

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One Response to Quote of the Day

  1. Niall says:

    It’s the job of our leaders, and those who elected them, to ask whether the war we want to wage is just, and, even if just, effective.

    I’m sure Saddam’s soldiers felt the same way invading Kuwait. I’m sure the Indonesian army felt the same way when the invaded East Timor. And I’m sure that’s how North Koreas soldiers feel right now too about whatever mischief Kim Jong Il is planning.

    No one expects soldiers in battle to solve those questions. Fortunately, we’re not all soldiers in battle, so those questions can still be asked and do still have meaning.

    And at some point, even the soliders in Iraq have to wonder why their bravery and intelligence and fortitude were placed at the service of Iranian expansionism. But I guess there will be time for that later.

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