A Dose of Reality

Not something you see coming from the upper echelons of the military, generally speaking, but it seems that reality is setting in around the Pentagon.

The military is generally accused of next-war-itis, or planning for that which may or may not come. I would argue that we’re usually guilty of last-war-itis. It just so happens that the next war tends to look strikingly like the last war.

Not coincidentally, the next war never seems to look like the current war.

It’s high time the Pentagon drop the two major conventional theater war force sizing and shaping construct, according to Army Chief Gen. George Casey. The outdated organizing principle is of little use as a planning tool for generating forces for future conflict and a consensus is building among the service chiefs that DoD should jettison the two war construct in the Quadrennial Defense Review.

“The reality of it is, with the amount of forces we already have deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, one of those MCOs [Major Combat Operations] is already off the table.” The Army has already moved away from the two MCO organizing idea as it builds and equips its future force, Casey said, speaking at CSIS in Washington on Thursday.

It’s very refreshing to see someone say, “Look, let’s stop beating around the bush. These are the wars we’re fighting. They’re what we’ve been fighting and they’re what we’re going to BE fighting, so let’s get to the business of preparing correctly.”

Not that it hasn’t been said before, it has, but not with this amount of weight behind it.

Let’s see if Navy takes the hint….

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One Response to A Dose of Reality

  1. Anon says:

    While I don’t necessarily disagree with him, I question GEN Casey as the messenger. That’s the same Casey who still undermines Petraeus. The same Casey who had to be end-runned by the retired VCOS in order to keep from losing ANOTHER war (i.e. being 0 for 2, Iraq and Vietnam).

    So, I just question when he found religion.

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