It’s a rare thing when I read something and have an immediate, visceral, and negative reaction to it. I didn’t even make it past the first sentence of the second paragraph before I knew this article was crap.

The Obama administration has no intention of pushing comprehensive immigration reform any time soon, but with his nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, the president may have found a suitable consolation prize for the Hispanic community.

A prize is due. Hispanics gave 67 percent of their votes to President Obama, delivering key states like Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico to his electoral column, and sending him two new Democratic senators and three new House Democrats from those states alone.

No one is ever “due” anything in this life, much less preferential treatment from the government simply because you voted on a ballot written in Spanish.

The only thing any of us are entitled to is the right to try our best, unfettered by governmental interference either for or against us.


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2 Responses to Entitlement

  1. virgil xenophon says:

    The answer is more booze–takes the edge off. and if you can manage “drunk 100% of time while awake–sweet dreams while passed out and nothing in between” you’ll be set to survive the next four years sans massive MI or stroke.

    • Robson says:

      This scenario is rtpeaeed in hundreds of thousands of creeks right across the MDB. It is a situation that needs to be looked at in conjunction with extraction levels by irrigators. .In NSW each farm is supposed to have a water harvesting right that is controlled by rules from the NSW government .The farm can hold in it’s dams 10% of the water which falls on it’s property.This is calculated by a formula which uses the area’s average precipitation and the size of the farm in hectares.The formula will establish the capacity of the dams you can have / build.If you build a dam you need planning permission and inspections to certify it is sound and of a certain capacity.In my area ( admittedly a wet coastal one )it is very rare for anyone to have harvested all the water they could.I don’t have any knowledge of the system in Victoria but have heard complaints from NSW irrigators that they aren’t on the same restrictions as in NSW..If you suspect that a farm has excess capacity you only need to report it to the local Catchment Management Authority. Whether that complaint results in any action I’ll leave to the contemplation of citizen bloggers..One strange aberration in this water harvesting business is the Natural Sequence Farming promoted by one G. Harvey and business partners.Put simply this is a technique where you push a load of logs and rocks into your streams and slow the flow by creating a series of ponds or pools along that stream.It isn’t a dam but it has a similar effect however the technique skirts any regulations as it allows an overflow..A Water licence as I understand is considered a property right. This means you can pump to a set limit an amount of water.This water is valuable for enhancing production and as such retains a monetary value. The licence has no relationship to ability to pump water any simple pump will do that..One last discrepancy I’d like to clear up is with regard to what constitutes water infrastructure.It is NOT just water allocations or licences.Each irrigation area has a mass of channels , pumps, gates ,switches and holding areas which are paid for and maintained collectively by the irrigators in that area.In the Lachlan Valley the irrigators have been receiving regular bills charging them for the maintenance of these structures even when they receive zero water.Of course any plans to invest in improving these facilities will be greeted with howls of derision by the irrigators as they can’t see much of a future in farming by irrigation. But it is this sort of investment that will make irrigation more efficient and less wasteful.Plans to buy out water licences or allocations usually include a payment to reflect the part ownership of the water infrastructure.The diminishing number of irrigators after each buyback will unfortunately lead to a smaller number of farms having to pay these set( and in future more expensive ) fees.

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