The Dragon is not a Bear

I think Galrahn’s got this one about right.

The ‘fear communist’ narrative suggests China is the red menace out to get us, but I don’t see this as anywhere near the reality of the US-China relationship. The irony is the conservative capitalists in the US will be the first ones who make this point to “China Hawk” the US into preparing for the next cold war, when in fact, China is one of the premier capitalist societies in the world today which is why we are so tied to China in terms of economy.

I’ve said for years that there’s no way China will go to war with us, nor us with them, because we are too economically intertwined.

However, as a Major friend of mine said recently, “China would SO be our buddy right now if they pissed us off and gave us an excuse to spend money on the military.”

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