That’s interesting

Check out these images from GQ’s expose of Rumsfield’s use of biblical phrasology on the cover of the daily intel brief to the President.

Pretty interesting. Not that I buy the idea that Rumsfield was trying to paint the Iraq war as a crusade (at least I HOPE he wasn’t that stupid). But how often do you see something stamped Top Secret///COMINT/// and other fancy codes on teh interwebs??

On the otherhand, the article that accompanies the photo expose is an interesting glimpse into the Rumsfield Pentagon…

A minute later, Townsend was on the phone with Rumsfeld’s security agent, who then spoke to the SecDef. “The secretary will talk to you after the event,” she was told.

Later in the evening, her phone rang. It was Chief of Staff Andy Card. “Rumsfeld just called,” said Card. “What is it you need?”

ivid, Townsend said, “I want to know if the president knows what a fucking asshole Don Rumsfeld is.”

Sighing, the chief of staff replied, “It isn’t you, Fran. He treats Condi the same way. Me, too. He’s always telling me I’m the worst chief of staff ever.”


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