Deception Ops

COL (ret) Janis Karpinski is speaking out against the Obama Administration’s decision to not release more pictures of possible detainee abuse, as has been filed for by the perennial keepers of national security, the ACLU. You may remember her as Brigadier General Karpinski, she in charge of Abu Ghraib.

About-face! President Obama’s reversal of his administration’s decision to release more photographs of prisoner abuse is disappointing and infuriating.

It is sad and tragic. The reversal will absolutely stir up more controversy than release of the photographs, causing an outpouring of rampant speculation — What is the government hiding? Who are the people in the photographs? How awful can these new photos be? And worse.

My first question is, why are you speaking about this? (Other than the obvious need to shill for the nice paperweights available from

Second is, how can you have served at the Flag level in theater and make statements like this?

They say they fear the outrage from the insurgency if the photographs are released. But is the outrage they most fear the outrage from Americans and people around the world as more details of the intentional lies and deception are revealed?

The warnings of likely reactions to these photographs possibly endangering the safety of soldiers and civilians in the combat zones strike a loud chord of fear. The wars are not going well. The military commanders know the wars are not going well. No secret there. To release or not release becomes a diversion from the main issue about the military missions.

The president surely does not want to increase the risk to soldiers, but hey, soldiers are in jeopardy every day in Iraq and Afghanistan with or without the photographs.

To make this statement shows a complete lack of awareness of the situation on the ground and the factors that affect it. The operating environment extends beyond the physical barriers of the immediate vicinity. Photographs that enrage the impressionable youth of a cultural population stand to create more fighters in the name of the jihad. If you don’t think an increase in the available resource known as “bodies” isn’t a threat to the on-going conflict, you have no clue what is going on.

Of course, I suspect having no clue is not a situation COL Karpinski is entirely unfamiliar with.

The reality of the situation is this: COL Karpinski doesn’t want the photos released in the name of transparency. She doesn’t want them released in the name of holding those responsible accountable.

She wants them released to clear her own name.

How can more photos hold such explosive risk? Are the most damning pieces of information the date stamps on the photographs or the locations of the abuses? Or are the commanders simply anxious because people will be able to connect more dots and finally realize prisoner abuse was far more than “seven bad apples” and occurred long before there was a war in Iraq — perhaps in areas of responsibility under their command.

Easy there Colonel, your slip is showing.

More importantly, your self-serving attitude is showing and your need for vindication is causing you to put the lives of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines at risk. All so you can point fingers and say “SEE?!?! It wasn’t my fault!” You should go sit with General Sanchez and compare notes on how your books point the finger everywhere else but at yourselves.

Just speak in hushed tones, because the rest of us don’t want to hear your crap.

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11 Responses to Deception Ops

  1. virgil xenophon says:

    Agree–we’re being treated to watching someone publicly writing an addendum to the 2nd ed. of their memoirs here…

  2. Edward says:

    Surely, not a Colonel in OUR Army. Must have been commissioned in some other nation’s armed forces.

  3. Bryan says:

    What has Obama done since becoming president? Libs, Reps, sit back and think about this very carefully.

    He quadrupled the national debt in 4 months above what Bush caused in 8 years.

    That’s it. That’s all Obama has done. Nothing else. Even raising the debt has not done anything for this country (positive, that is).

    Everything he’s promised he has flipflopped on. EVERYTHING. I can’t watch his speaches anymore because I can’t believe anything he says or I get ticked off at the vitriol he is spewing about the PREVIOUS administration. How pathetic.

    I don’t want to here “oh woe is me, look at what Bush gave us!” Hey, you wanted the job, dumba$$, so shuddup and fix it or move over and let someone else in who can. Obama is the world’s #1 whiner.

  4. Mike Lambert says:

    LTG Sanchez’ statement in a excerpt from his book, “In 2006, I was forced to retire by civilian leaders in the executive branch of the U.S. government”, is completely false. It was the Legislative Branch that prevented him from ever wearing a 4th star (which he deserved then). As Staff Director of the SECDEF’s Detainee Task Force, I can tell you unequivocably that the SECDEF sincerely appreciated LTG Sanchez’ service in Iraq and looked for every opportunity to nominate him for a 4 star job. Unidentified (to me) Senators on the SASC would not entertain a nomination. On more than three separate occasions, the SECDEF said ALOUD in various meetings that “we have to find a 4 star job for LTG Sanchez”. I believe he meant it. Now, I believe that LTG Sanchez concluded his career at the correct paygrade. A 4 star would never publicly whine as he has.

  5. Niall says:

    Bryan –

    The reason Obama has had to spend so much money so quickly is to prop up the whole TARP bailout system that the Bush administration created. It was Bush that decided to bailout the big banks and AIG. TARP is Bush’s baby. The problem is, every underestimated how much money a real rescue would take. Don’t blame Obama for that. Blame Bush for creating a financial black hole and then leaving Obama to fill it in.

    Also, recall, that the economy collapsed on Bush’s watch, not on Obama’s.

    And I have no idea what you mean when you say that Obama has “flip-flopped” on all of his previous positions and commitments. Before his election he promised he would take troops out of Iraq and put them in Afghanistan. He promised to make changes in command in Afghanistan. He’s done that. He promised to begin reforming the health care system. He’s begun to do that. He promised to close Guantanamo. He’s trying to do that (needs Congressional agreement to actually get it done). He promised to stop torturing prisoners. He’s made clear that that has to stop and will punish anyone who continues with the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld torture policies.

    Sounds to me like he is doing *exactly* what he said he would do.

    You just haven’t been paying attention.

  6. Bryan says:


    I disagree. I believe the Dems destroyed the Economy, with ACORN’s help, over the last 2 years of Bush’s reign. That’s what the facts show, anyway.

    He promised to END the war in Iraq, not play ponzi with it. The war is still on. Osama Bin Laden is STILL missing & in charge. The Taliban are STILL a force to be recogned with. Nothing has changed there. IF ANYTHING, he’s increased the forces over there, complicated the issues, and is allowing the Taliban to gain access to Pakistan’s nuclear arms (or darn near it). You feel safer? I don’t.

    Oh, I won’t even get into Iran’s TWO different missile launches which would have never happened on Bush’s watch. REMEMBER THIS NIALL, this is the START of something TERRIBLE and guess what? IT HAPPENED ON OBAMA’S WATCH! lol!

    And the terrorists arrested recently for attempting to Jihad a Jewish facility? How do you think they tracked them? That’s right, the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act just saved a bunch of lives and you liberals would still rather see these people dead. Pathetic.

    “It sounds like he is doing *exactly* what he said he would do.”

    Sounding and Doing are two different things. I still stand by my words. He has not done a SINGLE, ITTY-BITTY thing he’s promised. Not a single one. Not even close. You cannot name a SINGLE thing that he has COMPLETED, or even started for that matter. He’s HOPING the Congress will stop him from doing something STUPID like closing Gitmo (which Congress did, as you recall).

    Obama is what we academic types call a “Deconstructionist”.


  7. Niall says:

    For your claims to be true, we would have to assume that ACORN devised the securitization of home mortgages and created collateralized debt swaps and insurance for them (AIG’s downfall). To my knowledge, ACORN was not involved in any of this. The seeds of the current meltdown go far beyond two years ago. Those seeds were sown when home mortgages became securities to be bought and traded, which made debt itself an asset that banks wanted to trade and hold, which removed all incentives to avoid taking on bad debt.

    But if you can explain how ACORN is responsible for all this, hey let me know!

    And Obama did not have to promise to end the war in Iraq, because that was already a done deal made by the Bush administration with Iraq, enshrined in the new status of forces agreement concluded and ratified in the final months of the Bush administration. What Obama did promise to do was immediately shift troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, which he has done.

    The rest of your post is just ranting, not concrete examples of promises Obama has reneged on, so there’s really nothing to respond to. And since you were unable to respond to my concrete examples of Obama doing exactly what he said he would do, I consider the matter closed – in my favor.


  8. Bryan says:


    Listen. Let’s break this down to one of the BIG promise breaks Obama has made. One that no one can refute:

    “If you make under $250,000 dollars, you will not see .. one .. dime .. of .. new .. taxes. As a matter of fact, you will see a tax break.”

    Wrong. Remember the stimulus tax breaks all of us got? Mine came out to be $80/mo. Whoopy-f’ing-do. But, because my State tax is a percentage of my federal tax, and my state is in major debt, my $80 went bye bye, along with $30 more. And, oh… I saw new taxes. WE ALL DID. Obama raised the federal excise tax on electricity by 1.2%, then he taxed cigarettes (100% increase… which usually the less-than-250k-crowd have as a habit). Now with tax-and-cap coming out, that’ll be another 40% increase in federal taxes across the board.

    Then the increase in car prices because of his “green policy” amounts to a tax. What was it? $1,300 per new car?

    Obama campaigned on that whole no-new-tax BS like Bush Sr. did. “Read my lisp… err… lips.”

    So, I rest my case.

    (but for Acorn, that’s irrefutible. You are definitely on the wrong side of that arguement.).

  9. Niall says:

    Increase in prices is not a “tax”. It’s an increase in price. Moreover, one consequence of the current economic collapse is the loss of price elasticity for consumer goods, i.e., retailers can’t raise prices. They are having to lower them. So, according to your thinking, this must constitute a fall in our tax rate. Right?

    The only tax of mine that has gone up since Obama took office is my California State Tax, thanks to Governor Schwarzennegger, a Republican. My federal tax hasn’t gone up a dime.

    As for ACORN – you have yet to make an argument about how ACORN caused the economic collapse, and you haven’t presented a shred of evidence to support that very weird claim. So I can’t be on the “wrong side” of an argument, if there is no argument in the first place.

    As for your point about Iran in your previous post: We have the Bush administration and its unnecessary war in Iraq to thank for the growth of Iranian influence and power in the Gulf. We deposed Iran’s beggest regional enemy, Saddam Hussein, and created a majority Shi’a state whose Shi’a majority have deep and lasting ties with Iran’s elites. We handed Iraq to Iran on a silver platter.

    We have the moronic neocons and Republicans to thank for that. Now that these dodos are out of power, perhaps we can get some real security in place.

  10. Bryan says:

    Like I said, Naill, ACORN’s involvement in the destruction of our economy is irrefutable… not even worth arguing.
    But, just see THat’s from ACORN’s own newsletter.
    Pay close attention to the section that discussions getting Wells Fargo for predatory practices. Or, just Google
    for it. There’s literally thousands of links from various sources, including ACORN themselves, that prove the
    point. Hell, even the dems are giving into it. Too much evidence to even try and spin it another wa.

    An increase in price due to government policy IS THE DEFINITION OF A TAX. Shesh. If it ain’t, perhaps I should
    return my Phd.

    I had a discussion with Schwarzennegger about 5 months ago, when the crisis started, about ways they could save
    money. They opted not to do any of my suggestions… one of which WILL (not ‘could’) save CA approximately
    $200M a year. A drop in the bucket, I know… but that’s how they got into the problem… drop by drop. The
    presentation I made had to deal with the 80,000 foster children they keep in their system, and the 14,000 adoptable
    foster children they will NOT adopt out. Easy solution. Too much for the big guy to handle, I guess.
    It is well understood in most circles I’m in that Schwarzennegger IS A DEMOCRATE.

    Iran? Sure. They just launched another long range missile that can reach the US last week, AND it can
    hold a nuclear weapon as a payload. Every rocket launched, whether it fails or not, is a gold mine of information
    to furry along a program and to increase the program’s success. Just the telemetry they collect from the
    rockets is valuable (the most valuable, actually). Did we attempt to jam their RF so they couldn’t get that
    information? NOOOOOOOOO…. we let them launch. We collect their data, too, send it over to a few contractors
    to analyze, hire a company to make a “simulated target” that looks like their missile, and we learn how to
    shoot those down.

    Iraq and Afghanistan have NOTHING to do with embolding Iran. THey were already embolded against us.

    It wasn’t Bush’s war. Again, read the consitution. The president has no ability to declare war. Congress,
    and that includes your Dem friends, were the ones that declared war. “But Bush lied to us!” Yeah. Right.

    Those “dodos” aren’t in charge anymore, dude… why is the war still going on? EXACTLY… shit.

  11. Niall says:

    The ACORN newsletter you reference contains exactly zero evidence that ACORN contrived the securitization of home mortgages, which is the cause of this current crisis. Also, the mad rush for banks to give a mortgage to anyone and everyone, without verifying basic things like credit, income or even identity, is not any conceivable way connected to ACORN or its activities.

    And Wells Fargo, the target of the ACORN suit you reference, is one of the few banks doing quite well right now. So ACORN’s law suit had exactly zero negative effect on Wells Fargo’s stability.

    Which leaves exactly zero evidence to support your claim.

    Iran has no missiles that can reach the US. The Shahab IV will be able to reach parts of Europe, but that’s about it. I think you’re confusing Iran with North Korea, which probably does have missiles that can reach the US (Alaska).

    The invasion of Iraq has everything to do with strengthening Iran’s hand, because we have liberated the Shi’a majority that Saddam and the Sunni’s subjugated, thereby freeing the Shi’a to reconnect with the elites in Iran, to whom they owe their very survival under Saddam Hussein. Iran will have, and already has, huge influence over the Iraqi government.

    And all of this was accomplished with the blood of American soldiers. Hey, thanks guys! The people who dreamed this fiasco up are obviously morons of the highest order.

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