Tinfoil Hats

foilhats_400While they’re fun to read, I rarely subscribe to conspiracy theories. This one is interesting though…

The distinctive red tail goes back to World War II and the P51-C’s made famous by the Tuskegee Airmen (Image above). The “Red Tails” are still alive in the Alabama Air National Guard and their F16s are in fact painted with the distinctive red tail (the only organization with the red tail paint job that I’m aware of).

If that is true, that means that the administration launched an F16 all the way from Alabama for a photo op.

But what could possibly be the purpose of going to such lengths the film a “Red Tail” escorting Air Force One?

How about a Hollywood movie!?

Tuskegee Airmen, yesterday and today

Tuskegee Airmen, yesterday and today

I’m not going to buy the idea that it was done for a movie. Not really a far-fetched idea, just not as plausible as you’d think.

Personally, I think the base idea behind the “Movie shot conspiracy” is actually the truth.

This was a photo op with the Red Tail Tuskegee Airman of today escorting a black President. Perfect “full circle” type of moment.

Just a horrible choice for the background of the photo….

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3 Responses to Tinfoil Hats

  1. P. Lee says:

    You do know that George Lucas is producing a film about the Tuskegee Airman also called, Red Tails?


    • fastnav says:

      Oh, I do, I just doubt that this little fiasco was done in conjunctino with that movie.

      After all, it’s George Lucas, he can just CGI whatever he wants, so I doubt he’d even try to make this happen.

      That’s why I think the base idea of getting a photo of the Red Tails escorting the current President is more likely.

      • Wiphada says:

        Off topic use the tactics that have been deeialtd. You’ll know you have scored when you achieve a really shocked expression, on the face of your opponmenet. Now to kick em when they are down add the bit about ad hominem attacks are ONLY for stupid people who have nothing else to offer and TELL the idiot precisely how STUPID they are. Really go ito as much detail as yo ucan muster. Stun em first and then make a commentary on their intellectual deficiencies. They’ll get it is you show them UP, to their faces, regarding their actual demonstrated stupidity. A pal of mine and I used to tag team ,when we were called racists (at anti-illegal demos). We would begin to analyze the stupid attempts at slander, and intimidation and cite the sources. We would than ask the would be censor (anti-Fa deploying the R bomb) if they ever hearfd of Lev Bronstien, or Gramsci, etc. They never did. We would then discuss the degree at which the attempt was successful, in terms of by the book Lefty stratagems. And offer a score of sorts. The Anti Fa moron would be absolutely stunned, because he or she NEVER knew whom or what we were referencing. We would even comment on that, Look. He hasn’t a clue about any of this . Of course not. They never do . He looks like a big beached whale, floundering on the beach . Yes. He does Hahahaha And then we’d walk off, laughing.

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