Whiskey Tango Friday

Do we not have better things to do with our time??

A) A House Resolution to ban Erectile Dysfunction ads? Seriously??


Enter H.R. 2175. That’s a bill that Rep. Moran introduced last month that would prohibit any ED ads from airing on broadcast radio and TV between 6AM and 10PM. The bill advises the Federal Communications Commission to treat these ads as “indecent” and instruct stations to restrict their broadcast to late night and overnight hours.

Hey, assclown, the government’s spending money like a 19-year old on a coked out binge in Tijuana. Do we not have larger issues to address than the fact that you seeing an ED ad during the news seems to be hitting a little too close to home? Pull your head out and do your job.

B) You’re hot, and posed for lingerie ads. I don’t know which is pegged more, my “Duh-no-crap” meter, or my “Give-a-crap” meter.


A second lingerie-modeling photo of Miss California USA Carrie Prejean has appeared after she assured pageant officials this week that the earlier shot was the only one she had appeared in.

The Web site that published the first picture published a second one Wednesday. It had already promised to “slowly roll out” more photos.

After the appearance of the first photo, the possibility that racier images could emerge prompted “closed-door meetings” Tuesday to consider stripping Prejean of her beauty queen title, pageant spokesman Ron Neal said.

Why do we care? I realize that she’s the new “spokesperson for opposite marriage” and that’s fine. But is this stuff really newsworthy? Is there nothing more pressing? Aren’t there some wars somewhere?

The other issue here is this…look…if you’re hot, blond, and in lingerie with a camera nearby it is guaranteed there is going to be more than one picture. This is more certain than death and taxes.

Especially in California.

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4 Responses to Whiskey Tango Friday

  1. L-T says:

    This thread is worthless without pictures!

  2. Niall says:

    Rep. Moran is clearly a major recipient of funding from the Exhausted Middle Aged Housewives of America PAC…

  3. virgil xenophon says:

    Were that the pics of her WERE actually of her nekkid.

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