You find it everywhere….

And as many have noted here it boils down to the tough decision, will you hurt a known bad guy to save innocents? I will and I will sleep just fine after having done so. Stewart won’t and sleeps soundly only because others do the work he hasn’t the stones for. If we allowed him and his brethren in pacifism to rule, we would be eventually overcome by enemies who don’t give a shit how morally pure Stewart believes himself to be. It is false morality and the true bravery lies in facing evil and dealing with it

Uncle Jimbo and the guys at BlackFive rock.

*** UPDATE***
or more of an aside, really. But WHY is Abu Zubayda’s lawyer getting front page on the LA Times?

oh, that’s right, because it’s Californistan.

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One Response to Eloquence

  1. Niall says:

    Californiastan? Sorry, but I’m not getting that particular joke. I live here, and I don’t see many Afghans or Pakistanis here…

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