In retrospect

when presented with alternatives, there’s something to be said forthe lesser of two evils.

“We all went berserk after watching this,” said Andrei, who had begun to beat the suspect. “He fell to the ground. I ordered him to get up but he couldn’t because of his handcuffs. I ordered the cuffs off but something was wrong with the lock. I became angrier and ordered one of my sergeants to get them off no matter what.

“So he took an axe and chopped his arms off. The prisoner screamed in agony. Clearly it would have been impossible to interrogate him further so I shot him in the head.”

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One Response to In retrospect

  1. Niall says:

    Yes but what if the only way to find a hidden nuclear bomb in Moscow was to treat the prisoner in this fashion? Isn’t that an iron-clad, irrefutable logical argument in support of these tactics?

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