History Repeating

Things like this and this are incredibly disturbing when you consider the amount of legitimacy it lends to a violent movement.

The takeover in Buner in the past several days, with almost no resistance from Pakistani security forces, marked a major advance for the armed Islamic radicals, and the government’s endorsement of Islamic law in Swat further increased their political clout.

Yup. Way to give in to demands. It’s almost like Bill Cosby over there. They don’t care what’s going on, they just…want…quiet.

But don’t worry. Although they put up the same defense as a Pop Warner team against the Giants, the government wants to assure the world that they can bring their A-Game should things not turn out as expected…

“Pakistan has not abdicated responsibility or ceded territory to the Taliban,” Husain Haqqani, the Pakistani ambassador to the U.S., told McClatchy. “The agreement in Swat was an attempt to create a local solution, but if it doesn’t yield the desired results, then the Pakistan military remains able and available to restore the writ of the state.

“Pakistan faces a serious challenge from the Taliban, and we are very cognizant of it,” Haqqani said. “That doesn’t mean that Pakistan is in any imminent danger of collapse.”

If there’s one thing I know, possession is 9/10ths of the law. I’m not saying that the Taliban is bent on world domination, but I seriously doubt that the Pakistan military establishment would be able to dislodge them once they’ve established ownership.

It all seems oddly familiar if you ask me:

It was a hard decision for anyone who loved his country to take, but to accuse us of having by that advice betrayed the Czechoslovakian State is simply preposterous. What we did was to save her from annihilation and give her a chance of new life as a new State, which involves the loss of territory and fortifications, but may perhaps enable her to enjoy in the future and develop a national existence under a neutrality and security comparable to that which we see in Switzerland to-day. Therefore, I think the Government deserve the approval of this House for their conduct of affairs in this recent crisis which has saved Czechoslovakia from destruction and Europe from Armageddon.

All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.

All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.

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7 Responses to History Repeating

  1. Niall says:

    I don’t think the Pakistani authorities are being disingenuous at all when they say they haven’t ceded territory to the Taleban. Pakistan *created* the Taleban as an instrument of its foreign policy. Therefore Pakistan *ceding* territory to its own agents is a bit of a contradiction.

    It is well known that Pakistan has used, and continues to use, Islamist militancy as a key strategic weapon against India. Though not widely publicized, India has made great strategic gains in Afghanistan, and is a big backer of the Karzai government. Pakistan sees what is going on in Afghanistan as a direct threat to its strategic interests, and a decisive dip of the scales in favor of India.

    Given these perceptions and priorities, its laughable to think Pakistan could ever see the Taleban as their enemies.

    • Sanda says:

      I confess, I put my hand up to the itutrscnions to use the lift, I always end up pressing both when I’m in a rush. Nothing like a bit of a warning on paper to make you look silly.

  2. fastnav says:

    But do you think they understand exactly what they are doing? By this I mean, knowing what the ultimate goal of the Taliban is, does Pakistan honestly think that they will settle for their small corner of Pakistan?

    Do they know that they are merely buying time, not reconciliation or a status quo that can be maintained?

  3. Niall says:

    I think the Pakistan’s ISI understands exactly what the Taleban are about. They are part of a Wahhabi imperialist project in South Asia underwritten by Saudi Arabia and promoted by Pakistan.

    I also don’t think that Pakistan thinks it has “ceded” anything to the Taleban, which was the original point I was trying to make. Having the Taleban “take over” a border province is exactly what Pakistani intelligence wants them to do. It “checks with chart”, as it were.

    Whether this is ultimately a wise strategy for Pakistan to follow is unknowable. It all depends on what Pakistan ultimately wants to achieve. One thing I do know, Pakistan is far, far more afraid of India that in its of Islamist militants, something US coverage of the issue completely ignores.

  4. fastnav says:

    I’m sure Pakistan is more afraid of India than anything.

    But I don’t think they mean to accidentally give their country over to a militant Islam faction piece by piece, which is what they are doing.

  5. Niall says:

    Unless, of course, it is a militant Islamic faction that they created and control…

  6. fastnav says:

    I think you’re assuming a great deal if you think anyone can “control” a group who firmly believe their mandate for action comes from God himself, not some government.

    I think, at best, they’ve developed a situation of convenient bed partners. We’ll see what happens once the Taliban no longer sees Pakistan as cooperating with their ideals.

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