Why is preservation important?

And you thought they smelled bad on the outside..

And you thought they smelled bad on the outside..

Because your submarine looks like crap if you don’t field day/paint/preserve. That’s why.

That being said, these are some sweet pics from the inside and outside of a TYPHOON. I can’t read Russian, so I honestly have no idea if the ship is still in service or not, but it looks like it is. It’s just in a deplorable state of readiness. But hey, it’s a global recession, what can you do?

And I’m glad to see the Russians also still use circuitry from 1945 to control things. Someday we’ll figure out that the processing power of two Mac books can probably do the same job as all the stuff we’ve got crammed into the outboards of our subs running sonar and fire control.

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3 Responses to Why is preservation important?

  1. С says:

    It seems to me that the sub is actually a museum now, or at least out of use, but I couldn’t tell you for sure. I wouldn’t know by looking at it.

    I’m a little rusty with my Russian, but here’s the jist of the laminated signs: The first one basically warns against filling the toilet too full, or it will be impossible to flush. A basic translation of the second reads “Submariner! Ask if you need to shower, and PLEASE shut the latrine door. People live here.”

  2. Chart Bitch says:

    And that’s why all Russian boats are death traps.

    • Ramzi says:

      Wow this was doubtlessly one of the most efviftece posts I’ve had the chance to view on the subject so far. I do not know where you gather up all your info but up! I’m gong to send a few folks your way to take a look at this post.

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