Whiskey Tango Friday


Click for larger, but you can’t make this stuff up.

The real question I have is, what kind of training do we put our recruits through (kinder, gentler) that allows them to have no reservations whatsoever about emailing a GENERAL!!

Say what you want about the old methods, there’s something to be said for having a little bit of trepidation in your heart when addressing those who wear stars.

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5 Responses to Whiskey Tango Friday

  1. Niall says:

    I work in the corporate world, not the military. But there are always clueless people who feel they should have a direct connection to the CEO, and send him email on a whim. And a CEO is much, much more removed from rank and file employees than any general could ever be.

    I suspect this guy would have sent his e-mail no matter training he had received. It’s not the training – it’s the availability and ease of e-mail.

    You should be glad he didn’t send the general an IM instead.

    • Carl says:

      Wow Hazel and team these pictures are to die for. They are truly beutaiful. My little girl and son-in-law look outstanding. I couldn’t expect for more coming from Hazel. You truly capture all the special moments that they had on this fun day. They look so happy in every picture =). So undecided on which one I want =).

  2. Lou says:

    I wonder of the A1C ( E-3) was the victim of a prank. If we had email back in the day, just imagine what we could have done to the poor non-qual nubs 🙂

  3. Sandy Salt says:

    No, I am quite sure that this lad was doing what he thought would achieve his goal. It is sad that someone in his COC had no balls to tell him to wear his ABUs and kept putting him off. The fact that the kid had the stones to email the General is admirable, but shows a certain lack of intelligence. Good luck on his board.

    • Andrea says:

      I sometimes feel relaly sad when I leave my family (so yes, I definitely get the blues!). And having an awful (pushy) conversation does not help. I have had a lot of shitty interactions lately and it’s been making me feel awful. My favorite part of the weekend was leaving Steven’s family to see mine! Ha. Just kidding. It was having dinner with my family and laughing our asses off (unfortunately, not literally).Your weekend sounds great, Kim. So glad you had such a nice time! And here’s to no more shitty intereactions ever!

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