Anti-Piracy – You’re doing it wrong.

Sec. State Clinton proclaims that we should go after Somali Pirates like they’re drug cartels, by freezing assets.

Clinton said the State Department will “explore ways to track and freeze pirate assets,” similar to measures used against drug traffickers and terrorists.

Noting that the pirates have been buying more sophisticated vessels with the ransom money they have been collecting, Clinton said it could be possible to stop boat-building companies from doing business with pirates.

“These pirates are criminals. They are armed gangs on the sea. And those plotting attacks must be stopped, and those who have carried them out must be brought to justice,” she told reporters after a meeting with Haitian Prime Minister Michele Duvivier Pierre-Louis.

Now, call me cynical, but I’m going to guess this is not going to work. Why?

a) Regardless of the number of emails I receive from various “African” sources asking for my assistance in moving $39,000,000,000 from their bank to mine, I’m pretty sure the National Bank of Somalia looks more like a goat trading farm than an actual BANK right now. And unless you’re going to ice down the livestock, good luck freezing any assets there.

b) Last I looked, the pirates weren’t necessarily BUYING boats, so much as stealing nice ones as they move up the piracy food ladder. That and I’m sure the companies that build boats don’t have a check-in-the-box for “Are you a pirate??” That’s like telling GM not to sell cars to drug dealers. How are they supposed to know who the hell is buying their product? And, to be honest, from the pics I’ve seen, they still aren’t rolling in Miami Vice cigarette boats, if you know what I mean.

Then there’s this little piece of contradiction…

Clinton said the United States also will seek to beef up the capacity of Somali’s fragile Transitional Federal Government by participating in a donor’s conference on Somalia next week in Brussels, Belgium. The State Department also will urge Somali officials and tribal leaders to take action against pirates operating from bases within their territory.

“We have a pretty good idea where the land bases are and we want to know what the Somali government, what tribal leaders who perhaps would not like to have the international community bearing down on them, would be willing to do to rid their territory of these pirate bases,” she said.

If it’s a fragile little government, do you think it’s capable of *doing* anything against pirates? And tribal leaders? Do you think they give a crap what the “international community” does? No, they just want to eat for goodness sakes.

I’m sorry if this is a rant, but this whole article speaks to our little understanding of the true problem in Somalia. It’s not piracy, it’s the lawlessness on shore that allows piracy to thrive out at sea.

It’s an idea that’s been spoken many times already by many military and civilian leaders. Until Somalia is stabilized and recognizes the rule of law, piracy will continue. Unfortunately, someone apparently forgot to put that idea into Sec. Clinton’s pre-brief.

They were probably busy trying to log into Somalia’s online banking system and wondering who forgot the tin cans with string tied to them.

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16 Responses to Anti-Piracy – You’re doing it wrong.

  1. Joe says:

    great the President wants to start a world wide war of pirates now and we haven’t even come close to winning the “war on terror” or the “war on drugs”

  2. Justin says:

    I agree,
    we, as a nation, are doing it wrong.
    The bravado of the “pirates” is pathetic at best. I have a solution, but I guarantee it won’t even be considered.

    First, pull four proud ship, with proud names, out of museum status, refurbish and modernize them.
    Second, park those eagons off the coast of Somalia.
    Third, Tell Somalia “in crystal clear terms” , that if the piracy doesn’t stop, the guns go off from those beasts parked 15 NM from your shores, and will continue to go off until the piracy stops, PERMANENTLY.
    Fourth, any person caught in the act of piracy WILL be tried by maritime law and hanged.

  3. Dave says:

    Piracy is countered with bigger guns – end of story. Destroy their ill-equipped ships by blasting them out of the water and restore something resembling order to the area. Freeze assets…what a joke. She needs to step out of the office and realize there’s a real world out there that doesn’t revolve around politics and business suits.

  4. Justin says:

    The only assets that need to be frozen are Billary”s

    Dave, you and I agree, show them the real cost of piracy. This aint Pirate’s of the Caribbean or the Pirates of Penzance. Tell those other spineless countries to no pay the ransoms and deal decisively with the “pirates”

  5. Kevin says:

    Quietly laughing. “…freezing the livestock…” Well said, my friend.

  6. Carla says:

    The ships need to be armed. Self defense is the best defense when you do not have a U.S. warship escorting or trailing you with snipers aboard.

  7. virgil xenophon says:

    The problem is that until losses or ransom demands grow exponentially, it’s cheaper for the shipping companies to simply pay the ransom. Their ins companies would frown on armed crew-members who are usually a polyglot lot, many assembled together for their first cruise together and whole loyalties and tempermament are often suspect.

    While in grad. school in New Orleans I worked as a security guard on the docks. Longshoremen
    regard minor pilferage as a fringe benefit and overzealous security guards who arrest/report too many incur the wrath of the shipping companies who fear retalitatory union strikes protesting arrests and resultant work stoppage monetary loss far more than the minor losses theft poses.

    • Alina says:

      What source are your pveeirw images coming from? For some reason, your pveeirws no longer show up in your posts for me. I have nothing to click on to get the kit. My K9 web protection must be blocking them, so I need to know their source so I can fix it. Thanks! 🙂

  8. Eagle1 says:


  9. Edward says:

    What do you expect from the same crowd who set us up for 911? We waged lawfare on the bombers of the WTC and the American embassies in Africa, and got 911 in return.

    These people will try to “reason” and buy civilized behavior. Giving aid to the Somali “government” is no better than paying ransom directly to the pirates.

    Now is the time to do the hard and kinetic thing, before it gets out of hand.

  10. shawn says:

    I wish the pirates tried this with our last President yes he was a moron but at least he has the nuts to us force where force is needed. Freezing there assest and tracking there money will do nothing the only way to stop a pirate is to crush them make them think twice before they attack our ships and our sailors. We should be patroling the waters off somalia with a carrier fleat which has the resources to respond and handle any threat. Also we should be aloud to target and elimate all pirate camps and ships as well as resque any and all captives.

  11. Justin says:

    Not all merchies have a polygot crew. The merchies under the US Flag by law have to be crewed by American’s, and there only about 5000 American Merchant Marines. Other nations don’t require this so arming merchant crews yes is a hazardous idea, besides that, would you want to have an guns on an oil tanker?
    Aircraft are far more efficient way of searching at sea, but also more costly. It costs roughly 2 million per day to keep a bird farm at sea.
    Ultimately, There are only two things you need to know about pirates and terrorists.
    1 Where to find them
    2 How to kill them.
    So yes, we need to find where they are, and bring down the thunder, lightning, and steel rain.

    • Zulma says:

      dear friends,the first sochol in pungudutivu is the american mission tamil mixed sochol in pungudutivu.1the ambalavaner bridge was not only the help of vaner but also my grandfather the late mr.jobuipillai, the first postmaster and the importent fellow of to build the postoffice in pungudutivuthe christianity brought into the island from the americanmissionaries in the year of 1235, before the portugies came.thanks

  12. Peace for all says:

    There is a great deal of publicity about Somali Pirates. The US forgets to include other more well organized terror groups involved in Piracy. The LTTE Tamil Tigers are the only terrorist group that has its own Navy and it is believed that they acquired those ships through piracy. The Tamil Tigers are more deadly than any other terrorist group. Just go to the FBI website and search for LTTE. They are parading the streets pleading for Tamil civilians. But the diaspora are being craftily used by the hard core LTTE to gain sympathy and escape. However, they will never let the civilians out and will secure their escape to continue in suicide bombing and drug trade for which they have pirated ships. Somalis are dwarfed by the Tamil Tiger group. The Tamil Tigers are banned in 32 countries including the US and Canada and yet their supporters are allowed to parade the streets in protests which does not add up. Democracy is not giving into continued Terrorism. It is one or the other.

    I quote from a recent article by Pam Uher and a PBS documentary. See below about LTTE Tamil Tigers.

    “The Tamil Tigers are not a species of endangered cats; instead they are a notorious band of violent terrorists (acknowledged as such by over 30 countries in the world) that are based in northern Sri Lanka.. They originally founded their organization in 1976, as a secessionist movement that seeks to create an independent Tamil state in the north of Sri Lanka [PBS Frontline, 2002]. Today they are commonly referred to as the LTTE or “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam”.

    The LTTE are a very well organized militant group known for extremely violent attacks on civilians as well as carrying out assassinations of Sri Lankan and Indian officials. This group is also associated with the recruiting of young children as soldiers and is given credit for being the first to use the “suicide belt” bomb. They are also known to use women frequently as suicide bombers in their terrorist attacks. It has been reported by the media (PBS among others) that LTTE has delivered actual more suicide bombings than many other terrorist groups like Hamas and al-Qaeda.

    What does this militant terrorist group have to do with piracy? The structure of this organization has 3 divisions: military, political and monetary. It is a branch of the military division called the “SEA TIGERS”, which was started in 1984, that has a piracy connection. This naval branch of the LTTE is said to have over 2,000 troops and is a force to be reckoned with on the high seas near and around Sri Lanka. The Woodrow Wilson School of Politics and International Studies has reported that this elite terrorist naval unit has “destroyed 35- 50 percent of the Sri Lankan Navy. But they also are reported to be engaged in piracy on the open international seas; hijacking various ships or diverse origin since 1995 to the present day.

    They especially like to target freighters carrying goods they can make high profit selling on the world “black market”. Once they take over these vessels, cargo and crew disappear, often without a trace. Chinese, Malaysian, Jordanian and Indian ships have been the target of the Tamil Sea Tigers during the past 20 years. The LTTE Sea Tigers fear no nation on the high seas, it seems and they have made a grave impact upon trade routes with their acts of piracy.

    Once a ship is hijacked this vicious group of terrorists kill the crew, take the goods and sometimes sink the vessel or make it a so called “phantom vessel”, incorporating it into their fleet. In the 1990’s nations tried to negotiate with the LTTE pirates, but usually to no avail. They are clever and violent using aircraft and speed boats loaded with explosives to pirate vessels of their choice. The Indian press reports new alarming information about their activities that has the American authorities very tight mouthed: reports that within marine wing of the LTTE, they are trying to develop homemade submarines, in order to expand their activities of smuggling and piracy. It is also known several submarine type ships were caught carrying large cocaine shipments from Columbia and Costa Rica to the U.S. mainland in the past several years were manned by LTTE Sea Tigers (2006, 3 tons of cocaine confiscated in international water off the coast of Coast Rica).

    The Sri Lankan military has been actively carrying out operations to shut down the LTTE Pirates and sea bases in northern Sri Lanka. Their success with naval blockages and land attacks on Sea Tiger Base Camps has been documented in the International News Media in February and March of 2009. These military surges, by the Sri Lankan military have captured many Sea Tiger speed boats (used as bomb craft when attacking on the open seas) and submersibles used by the terrorists during the water raids. On February 8, 2009, the SLAF (Sri Lankan Air Force) reported to the Press that the Sea Tiger leader had been killed and the terrorist main sea command post destroyed.
    Piracy supports the terrorist agenda for the LTTE through the expansive network of the Sea Tigers military division. No nation is safe from their high seas piracy and terror, for they do not have boundaries on their violent actions. Their mission is clear: pillage, plunder, kill, destroy and create havoc, until they are in control of Sri Lanka. If they ever get control of Sri Lanka territories will their piracy stop then? Probably not, as it has been a very profitable venture over the past 25 years that has funded their terrorism and allowed the leaders to grow rich.”

    The US Administration is prevailing on the Sri Lankan government to grant concessions to the Tamils thinking that the LTTE is fighting their cause. It is not so. Moderate Tamils who oppose the LTTE Terror tactics cannot speak as they fear for their lives. This is not an ethnic issue. It is pure and brutal Terrorism. The Tamil Tigers trained AlQaida suicide bombers and it is so hard to make the US, UK and other countries believe so. Even Secretary Hillary Clinton believes Tamils need concessions. That is not the real reason for LTTE. They have killed more of their Tamil citizens for not supporting them with demands for money and young children used in the armed struggles.

  13. Jessica says:

    You should not shock to hear that LTTE as a teiorrrst group because they are teiorrrst. I want to say that you are covered with a myth. They are not reprsentatives off tamil people. LTTE is destroying all young life and young tamil generation by doing this war. They force children to join this war(I have practical experiences). All people suffer not because of government but of LLTE. Because of this teiorrrst, lost so many valuable tamil and sinhala life. Prebakaran only think about his power. Can you guarante if prebakaran win this he won,t use his wepons to dominate people. At north east more than 300 000 sinhala and muslim people were displaced and their lands are occupied by LTTE. They have killed so many innocent sinhala and muslim people. Onnce near welikanda, LTTE killed all villagers in a sinhal village. They have killed prengant women and a 2 months child not even shooting but using axes(CUTING). More than 10 000 sinhala people have killed by LTTE. They do not want anything else but ruling power of north.(They already lost east) LTTEs first attack was dore appa one great tamil leader. They not only killed sinhala leaders but so many tamil leaders too. They killed any person who talk against them. People in north fear to talk aginst LTTE if they do so their families and life will go to heven as standing for truth. LTTE and their suppoters lie whloe world. They took advantages of some misleading politicain to gain their power.It doesn’t mean all them are same. Solution for this problem is finsh all teiorrrst and give political solution to tamil people(not to LTTE). I can remember once they kill about 60 buddhist monks at aranthalawa while traveling on a bus. I am dissapointing to mention them as rebels they are truely teiorrrst,creatures. LTTE must wipe out from sri lanka. All foreign nation should help sri lankan army to finish this war. Any tamil people can go any where of country but not sinhala and muslim people. They can even set foot northen people. LTTE killed so many sinhala people while occuping norhern area.Still they are doing so by bomb blasting at other areas of the country. Tamil people at north suffer o poverty because of LTTE as they don’t let goverment to devolop this areas. If they let they surely know not a single people stay with them. what they want is to let people to suffer and take advantage to join teiorrrst.All must get together to wipe out LTTE and let all inocent tamil people to live free.Proud to be a sri lankan.Yours,Niranjan,(Totaly Sri lankan)

    • Benny says:

      Dear Mayank,I cant think of a single msuilm organization that has not condemned Godhra (if indeed, Godhra tagedy was instigated by Muslims), though we are yet to establish the real cause of Godhra train mishap. There have been different theories and the fact is yet to come out. A retired judge headed committee, appointed by Indian railways, has come out with totally contrary reasoning than what Shri Modi tells us.Nevertheless, the truth remains that while there is unanimity that Godhra shouldn’t have happened, viewpoints on what followed next are mixed. We, as Indian msuilms have always been quick to critisize and condemn such dastardly inhuman acts.

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