Rome is The Mob

Just over 24 hours since Navy SEALs put a neat little bow on the end of a 5 day standoff with Somali pirates.
Nope. Not there. Not even a mention of ooh did you see Mel Gibson’s getting a divorce??

No wonder our country is on Ritalin.

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3 Responses to Rome is The Mob

  1. virgil xenophon says:

    And the point is? As in: Like you were surprised?

    • Bhavana says:

      I am only to lesson 18, but am finnidg this book quite helpful. Having had several years of Latin (though quite long ago it was not, when I was in school, a dead language, but quite current) and some experience with the first few lessons of a Koine Greek textbook, I am finnidg it perfectly understandable. It might, however, cause a problem for a self-learner without some Latin or similar experience. But if there was someone around to help out a bit at the beginning, it could quite possibly work. For the person whose mind appreciates the straight-forwardness and succinctness typical of older language textbooks, and with some Latin, I would recommend White’s book.

  2. fastnav says:

    true. true.

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