Happy 109th Birthday, Submarine Force!!!

SS Holland, Grand Daddy of them All

SS Holland, Grand Daddy of them All


Holland - Father of the Submarine Force

Rickover - Father of the Nuclear Navy

Rickover - Father of the Nuclear Navy

The Submarine Force is 109 today, marking the day that the US Navy purchased the Holland IV submarine from inventor John Holland for a whopping $160,000.

Weighing in at only 64-tons, 53 feet long and 10 ft in diameter. But she could submerge with 6 men, and fire torpedos, and that’s enough to strike the fear into any target surface warrior.

And no celebration of submarine history is complete without a little love thrown to our WWII brethren, who truly shouldered the load, and created the mystique and success that is the submarine service while winning the war in the Pacific.

Here’s a link to a great page on the Navy.mil website with some submarine history, facts, and figures. And this great quote about our WWII exploits:

In the final months of the war, American submarines had difficulty finding targets because the Japanese had virtually no ships left to sink. Undaunted, submarine, submarine commanders pursued the enemy into his harbors and hiding places. Employing newly developed FM sonar sets, American submarines penetrated the minefields of closely guarded Japanese home waters to seek out warships and supply ships at anchor. There was no place to hide. The silent victory was complete.

So, drink up tonight shipmates!! I won’t be able to make it to the DC Submarine Ball due to some family commitments, but I’ll toast one to you wherever I am.

Submarines once, Submarines Twice….

“Every submariner is a volunteer who has chosen to gamble his life at high stakes. The submariner casting off bow and stern lines at the sub base is certain that he will come back whole, or not at all.”
— Dr. John Craven, Chief Scientist US Navy Special Projects Office

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4 Responses to Happy 109th Birthday, Submarine Force!!!

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m with you man. Not sure why they chose the night before Easter Sunday to have the sub ball. I’m disappointed we aren’t going.

    Happy Birthday Submarine Force!

  2. fastnav says:

    I don’t think it’s so much a choice as it is a quirk of the calendar that April 11th is the day before Easter this year.

    I’m sure they went “Sweet!!! April 11th is a Saturday!! We can have the ball ON the brithday!” and no one bothered to look at the day after except as a recovery day.

  3. Edward says:

    Whether it be 109 years
    146 years

    Bubbleheads have much to be proud of.

    Thank you all for taking unbelievable risks in the defense of this nation.

  4. Edward says:

    I just saw a program about the first stealthed submarine. It was the German Uboat 480. The wreck was recently discovered in the English Channel, and surprise! It had a rubber outer coating. Thus it was very difficult to detect with the sonar at that time. It was armed with the GNAT acoustical torpedo, and the two allied warships sunk by it during its last patrole were the HMCS Alberni and HMS Loyalty. Booth were struck in the stern. Divers found the Alberni strike was on the hull at the main drive shaft bearing.

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