Whiskey Tango Friday, IV

So, maybe you’re having a day where perhaps you’re sitting at work on 2 hours of sleep.

The huge cup of coffee is keeping you perked up, but not alive enough to really get worked up over anything (besides someone getting in the way of you getting a nap).

But if there’s one group you can always count on to do something galactically stupid, it’s PETA.

The band has turned down a request from an animal rights group to rename itself the Rescue Shelter Boys.

The organization, the People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA), sent a letter to Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe acknowledging that its request, at first blush, might appear “bizarre.”

But, by changing its name, the band could raise awareness at every tour stop of the “cramped, filthy conditions” that breeders keep animals in before selling them to pet stores, PETA said in its letter.

Seriously?? I’ll give one thing to PETA. They are committed to their cause. They’ll do anything to promote their myopic view of saving the animal world.

That, and they’re not afraid to utilize their feminine wiles to draw attention to their cause.

And I support that.

Never too cold to protest

Never too cold to protest

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4 Responses to Whiskey Tango Friday, IV

  1. Niall says:

    When decadent gay British pop stars refuse to support PETA, I’d say the end is near for them.

    I guess West End girls wear fur after all…

  2. fastnav says:

    Well played, good sir. Well played.

  3. Kevin says:

    Did you see in the news a couple of years ago when someone was trying to sell a 13 pound lobster? PETA was protesting and trying to “save” the lobster. Then, another rival organization, ALSO called PETA joined the bid to buy the lobster. The other organizations name was, “People for Eating Tasty Animals.” I thought that was hilarious.

  4. Yarne says:

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