Whiskey Tango Friday, III

I'm perfect.  Why aren't you?

I'm perfect. Why aren't you?

There’s no one thing that’s causing the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up this week, unless you count the overall sense of entitlement (if that’s the right word) that seems to be pervasive in the media.

I’m not sure entitlement is the word, because it’s not like the media thinks they are owed something, but the way they react to stories bothers me. Every story seems to be followed with a “My insight is 20/20, so why isn’t your foresight just as accurate?? How can we POSSIBLY let these things happen?”

Exhibit A) Crazy loon of a stalker decides he’s going to drive cross country to try and get gymnast Shawn Johnson to marry him. AHHHH, but he gets pulled over in Alabama. The PERFECT chance to intervene and stop this madness before it begins.

What?  So he likes make-up.  Doesn't mean he's not legit...

What? So he likes make-up. Doesn't mean he's not legit...

The problem is, the guy had an expired license plate and no insurance. He was ticketed for both. There’s no law against thinking that you’re having telepathic conversations with a hot blonde through your TV set. Don’t we all do that?

The media is shocked, SHOCKED I say, that the stalker was allowed to continue his drive with some measely tickets. They didn’t even bother to search his car, even after the guy tells the cop he’s going to meet Shawn Johnson and convince her to marry him (/horror).

But let’s be honest, this is rural Alabama. Do you think that cop watches Dancing with the Stars?? How about women’s gymnastics? I’m going to guess no and no on that, and probably bat a thousand. So why would he search the car of a guy who’s a little twitchy and claiming to be marrying a star he’s never met? Maybe he’d just had a too few many Red Bulls on the road, you know? You ever drive through Alabama? You’d be talking crazy too.

So why do news outlets act as if everyone should be omniscient and capable of stopping things before they happen? They can’t even get the weather right, but everyone else is supposed to be perfect.

I’m just frustrated by the constant reporting of people’s faults. No one goes through life trying to mess things up. No one wakes up and says “Wow, it’s a beautiful day. I wonder how I can screw the world today?” But the incredulous tone that reporters take when pointing out everyone else’s faults grates on my last nerve.

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2 Responses to Whiskey Tango Friday, III

  1. Niall says:

    You’re still giving the media too much credit. The reason they are focusing so much on the traffic stop in Alabama, is precisely that nothing bad happened as a result of the guy being let go. Nothing would have pleased the media more than if poor Shawn Johnson had been physically assaulted or killed by this guy once he got to LA, because then that traffic stop would suddenly have become “fateful”.

    Since the guy was caught by security guards on set, there’s not story.

    Media hates it when they have a set-up, without a payoff. It’s like bad sex for them.

  2. Edward says:

    Even worse in the media eyes would have been if the trooper had “exceeded his authority” with an unauthorized search “violating a citizen’s privacy” or even worse, exhibited a bit of “police butality”.

    They would have had much more fun covering any of those to the detriment of law enforcement for weeks on end.

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