Darwinism is Officially Dead

Otherwise, people wouldn’t be able to post things like THIS on teh interwebs.

This blog contacted Naval Operations, and several people REFUSED COMMENT, one person saying, “we cannot discuss that matter.” After much persistence I was told I would have to speak to one PAO Ed Siegler…so far, the man has not bothered to respond to the inquiry. So tell us the TRUTH Mr. Seigler…is the USS Hartford leaking radioactive materials, and if so, how significant is the damage to the nuclear propulsion system?

I hate to give this guy the benefit of me commenting at any length as to the assinine nature of his tirade, so I will give him but one word.


Carry on.

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3 Responses to Darwinism is Officially Dead

  1. Kevin says:

    Wow… I mean… just… Wow.

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  3. bothenook says:

    but, but, but…hey, i’m entitled to ask anyone anything i want, because, well, because!

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