Some would call it hazing

The Brits, God Bless ‘Em, call it TRADITION!!

It is a fine tradition among Royal Navy submariners. Recruits down a glass of rum containing a coveted silver badge, catching it in their teeth.

But the ‘bonding’ ritual may be banned on health and safety grounds after a young sailor swallowed the 13⁄4inch-long emblem and was lucky not to choke to death.

Congrats lad!! Now drink up!

Congrats lad!! Now drink up!

Can’t say I understand how you accidentally swallow a set of dolphins. They’re kind of large and noticeable. But I hope they keep the tradition, and so does this guy….

Last night, Jimmy Sleith, a Scottish Area Secretary of the Royal Naval Association, said: ‘It is harmless and is a tradition that helps enormously with bonding. There are too many health and safety fuddy-duddies and I hope sense prevails.’

Ahhhh, obviously that fine Scotsman has never been to America, where the law of natural selection has been declared unconstitutional.

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One Response to Some would call it hazing

  1. virgil xenophon says:

    Are you pondering what I’m pondering? Like: What happens on the way out?

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