Why are submarines awesome?

Because we go UNDER stuff like THIS.

Helm, come left to 11HOLYCRAP!

Helm, come left to 11HOLYCRAP!

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7 Responses to Why are submarines awesome?

  1. Chart Bitch says:

    I remember being in 30+ foot seas and having to go to PD. Rough rolling at 500 feet was insane and trying not to broach was even more insane.

  2. fastnav says:

    We came shallow to go to PD in seas like that once.

    30 degree rolls at 150 made us re-evaluate the necessity of coming up to PD.

    We drove on. 🙂

  3. Byron says:

    My father was a merchant marine radio officer. Back in the 50s, he was making a run to Europe in winter, and got to experience some “weather” like the North Atlantic can dish up. He came home with two interesting black and white photos: The first, shows a wave rising over the foc’sl, and you can clearly see that it is higher than the king posts. The second, the wave has broken over the bow, and only the very top, maybe 2′ of the kingposts are visible. I asked him why wasn’t there another, and was told very patiently, “I ran like hell back away from the bridge to my radio room, dogged the door, and waited till I stopped hearing broken glass”. Busted out every one of the bridge windows.

  4. virgil xenophon says:

    Seas like that are one reason why, if I hadn’t joined the AF I’d have gone Submarines. I’m not claustrophobic and I absolutely HATE getting my fur wet!

  5. Chap says:

    We go under that sometimes. We used to have to go around the Kuroshio currents on top during typhoon season every year due to too many boats in the water. How’sabout getting green water over the scope while surfaced? (And standing OOD?)

  6. fastnav says:

    I came close. We once came up on the edge of a hurricane, trying to get into port.

    I was ready to man the bridge and see what’s up, but the skipper (wisely) wouldn’t let me 🙂

    it was dark, so I couldn’t see if it was green, but there was definitely water over the scope that night!!

  7. Chap says:

    Oh yeah, and there was that time in Okinawa when we waited until the last possible minute to sortie due to operational pressures…bout near broke a limb on the bridge…

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