Two types of ships in this world


 and targets.

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4 Responses to Two types of ships in this world

  1. NaClydog says:

    Have there been any warshot Sink-Exs with Nixie streamed, and the target going more than 10 kts?
    My experience is that even Sprucans are easy marks, but I haven’t heard of tries on an alerted and maneuvering target.

  2. fastnav says:

    To the best of my knowledge…no.

    The last warshot to be fired in anger was by the British in the Falklands war.

    Due to the logistical difficulties (i.e. getting a ship that is going to be sunk to move around), SINKEXs are always done on stationary targets.

    I *will* say that I’ve fired exercise torpedos at every imaginable type of surface ship doing every type of manuever, and they usually get a hit.

  3. NaClydog says:

    Thanks for the info about the exercise torps. Too bad we can’t test with some Russian or Chinese torpedos.
    IIRC the ARA General Belgrano was sunk by non-homing Mk 8 mod 4 torpedos (a 50 year old design).
    I probably worry needlessly about wartime munitions and defenses not being fully tested. That’s something I’m sure the sub community remembers from early WWII torps.

    I know SINKEX targets are DIW. Not sure if changing that is useful. Maybe we can release the Gitmo detainees onto the next target. Get their hopes up as they get underway, then “good-by target.”

  4. fastnav says:

    I think we shoot our weapons enough to know that they will certainly find the targets and do their job.

    With the way the weapons operate during exercises, I feel confident that when it says it would have blown up, it would.

    Although, I concur with your gitmo idea. 🙂

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