Air Supremacy Parity

Check out my flare.

Check out my flare.

So, THIS is making the rounds inside the squirrel cage today.

As we chatted about interference cancellation systems, I couldn’t help but notice an odd decal decorating the side of the fuselage. I asked the pilot: What’s that aircraft decal on the fuselage?

“That’s an F-22,” he said.

Well, why is it there?

“Because this is the EA-18G that killed an F-22,” he explained.

Two ways to look at this.

A) Really? Killed by a Growler?? Really? That’s gotta hurt the zoomies right in their frilly little zoom-bags with the sweet green combat boots.


B) Really? The F-22 is SOOO awesome you felt the need to put a stencil on the side for a kill in an exercise? Have you nothing better to do? I’ve killed plenty of surface ships in exercises and you don’t see me tacking stenciled DDG’s and CVN’s on the side of the sail.

What do they say in football?

Oh yeah,

Act like you’ve been there before.

Damn rookies.

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4 Responses to Air Supremacy Parity

  1. I guess you have to have lived around brown shoes a lot to really understand it. I did my first enlistment in an old 608 class boomer, then went surface navy and even did three years at NAS Brunswick listening to the brown shoes brag a lot.

    The air force is hollering so much about how the F22 is the greatest thing since sliced bread (and it may be it is), but I am sure it suprised everyone when the growler got a lock on it. There is a graphic on the net somewhere that shows it in the heads up display.

    This would be the equivalent of a rookie sparring partner knocking the champ on his butt during practice. You can bet he would like to have a picture of him doing that to show off.

    Although the growler is an F18, it is not supposed to dogfight and that makes it all the much better when it got the kill. So this guy can’t act like he has been there before because he hasn’t

  2. fastnav says:

    Chief – I hear ya. So, do you have to win 2 out of 3 before the Air Force admits the loss? 🙂

  3. Nah, I imagine the air force guy just got careless when he thought he was late for his tee off time at the golf course. Keep in mind that I am not an airdale, but I have been around them a bit, at least the P3 community. Seems to me that all aviators are patch crazy; look at all the patches on the flight jackets and probably decal crazy on their planes as well. I hear they are putting a bomb decal on the plane for each time they drop.

    What do you suppose the Viet Nam aviator vets would think of that?

  4. fastnav says:

    I think they’d smirk a little bit, light a cigarette, and say the same thing.

    “Damn rookies.”

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