Every Marine has a story


“Taking Chance” is on HBO starting this weekend. It is the portrayal of LtCol Strobel’s story of bringing PFC Chance Phelps home from the war.

The story was first relayed by the folks over at BlackFive in 2004. You can read it HERE. Also, there are some updates to the story, HERE.

It reminds me of an earlier post I did last year regarding the Pulitzer Prize winning coverage of a Marine Corps Casualty Assistance Calls Officer in Colorado. You can read the entire article here and I encourage you to. It contains some of the most powerful images of this solemn tradition that you will ever see.

So, take some time out of your day.

Watch the show on HBO, and read the story from the Rocky Mountain News.

And remember those who have fallen, for in our memories they will live forever.


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One Response to Every Marine has a story

  1. EMY BEACH says:

    To Mrs. Katherine Cathey and her little Jimmy,
    We wish that we could find a word to let you know of how deeply saddened we are for you loss. I ask the good Lord to heal your heart, and to bless you and your little guy.
    Semper Fi,
    Sgt. & Mrs Tom Beach (USMC 1981-1993)

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