All down hill from here

Big Daddy Hugo, Chavez that is, has managed to avoid having to leave office by means of a referendum removing the constitutional limits for the President.

Venezuelans have voted to lift limits on terms in office for elected officials, allowing President Hugo Chavez to stand for re-election.
With 94% of votes counted, 54% backed an end to term limits, a National Electoral Council official said.

One step closer to Galactic Commodore

One step closer to Galactic Commodore

Amazingly enough, international monitors said the election was free and fair. We’ll have to see how long “free and fair” is a phrase mentioned in the same breath as Venezuela. I’m concerned because I just haven’t seen anyone remove limits to how often they can be “elected” and then ever decide they don’t want to President any longer. Just doesn’t seem to happen to often.

Well, let’s hope the dropping price of oil keeps Chavez from acting too all powerful.

for now, that is.

Sidebar: I find it interesting that this is the top story on the BBC website. CNN? Not so much.

Don’t get me wrong. At least it MADE CNN’s front page. Right under NBA analysis of Obama’s Hoops game, or the fact that Kenseth won Daytona.

No wonder the world thinks Americans are idiots.

But hell, 17 won the race, so drink up Ford Racing Fans!!!!!

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