Hold on, this might hurt a little

… or maybe it won’t.

wikileak has a metric ass-ton of Congressional Research Service reports available for download.

Maybe it’ll be a big deal. After all, these are the guys who do research for Congress on issues they want to get smart on.

Then again, maybe it won’t be a big deal. You could already find some CRS reports online, since they technically aren’t classified, just hard to get. And besides, it doesn’t seem like a lot of decisions are made with adequate background knowledge, so if Congress isn’t reading them, why should we get all worked up over everyone else reading them?

You can tout them as non-partisan, in-depth, timely, articulate, well researched documents, but the fact is that they are still the result of an entity that exists to make reports. Call me jaded, but they just seem like think tank reports to me.

Maybe I’ll read some of them and see what the big deal is about.

(H/T to Fabius Maximus)

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