Fleet Master Chief Rick West (SS/SW) will be taking over as MCPON.

Fleet Master Chief (SS/SW) West.

“I’m awed and humbled at the opportunity to succeed Joe Campa, who is a longtime friend and trusted shipmate,” West told Navy Times on Dec. 5. “He made tremendous contributions to our Navy and chief’s mess — as I see it, he laid the foundation and it’s up to us now to build the structure.”

West will pick up a number of Campa’s final initiatives in various stages of completion.

Still in the works are chief’s standards and conduct boards — a chief’s mess alternative to captain’s mast; an overhaul of enlisted evaluations that would see junior sailors and petty officers graded on separate criteria; and the groundwork for an extensive overhaul of all enlisted warfare qualifications with an eye on making them mandatory for all sailors, and making them more rigorous.

Does my heart good to see a Submariner in the office, and I look forward to seeing him carry on with MCPON Campa’s programs. I think the current MCPON was on a good path towards revitalizing the Chief’s Mess, and I hope it continues.

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4 Responses to New MCPON

  1. fastnav says:

    So, I’ve deleted a few comments regarding what’s quickly becoming allegations of MCPON West’s possible infidelity, and I’ll tell you why.

    Because I can’t find anything factual on it. I can’t find anything on it except comments from anonymous posters who appear to have nothing more then an axe to grind either against MCPON West, or against the system (implying that they got the boot for a violation that they think MCPON did as well).

    Unless someone can bring me some facts (and no, a comment from an anonymous poster in poor english is not a fact), I won’t let slanderous comments stand.

    It’s not protecting the Navy, or MCPON West. It’s protecting my blog.

  2. QMC/SS (ret) Michael Mahaffey says:

    I personnaly know the new MCPON having been a striker with him and serving with him throughout several tours on the west coast. This is one of the finest submariners and sailors that the navy has to offer. He is a great father and husband. The Navy will be very proud to have him as the MCPON, he will serve all sailors well.

  3. John Smallman says:

    In late 2002 I accompanied two USN warships during a Jimbaran Beach port visit in Bali, Indonesia. Rick West was responsible for assembling and deploying a voluntary team of senior enlisted “khaki” sailors that kept “good order and discipline as well as safety” in Bali’s Kuta Beach district. Within two weeks terrorist attacks on Paddy’s and the Sari Club rocked Kuta Beach. Rick West is a quality guy who knows what matters and when it matters.

  4. Phil Vyce says:

    I have met MCPON West a few times and all I can say after meeting him is that he is a “Stand-Up” man. Definitely a Sailors, Sailor.

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