Putting on their Big Boy pants

Iran is trying to get into the submarine production businesss.

Iran’s navy is planning to launch two new ships and a submarine later this week, the commander of the navy announced Sunday.

All three vessels were made in Iran, the semi-official Fars News Agency quoted Cmdr. Habibolalh Sayyari as saying.

“On the occasion of Navy Day [November 27], two missile-carrying ships named Kalat and Derafsh, as well as a light submarine, will be launched,” he said.

Much like Carrier Aviation, submarine building is not a skill developed over night. Let’s hope, for the crews’ sake, that they get it somewhat close to right. True, Iran HAS claimed to have built two different classes of midget submarines, but experts have noted that they look exactly like copies of North Korean subs that they bought. Hey, I can trace pictures too, doesn’t mean I’m Todd McFarlane. Knowhaddamean?

Then again, this may all just be the Iranian media machine. Since there’s no mention of a name for the new submarine, no data, no pictures, nada, nyet, moshe, maybe it doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s all just a ploy to continue to project the strategic capability of shutting down the Straits of Hormuz. It’s certainly a good tactic. After all, all you have to do is say you have it and your enemies will spend vast amounts of money trying to determine if its true or not.

All very interesting, I say.

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