Bubbleheads in Space!


A long time ago, someone suggested to me that submariners would be the best people to use for space travel because we’re used to confined spaces, no sunlight, horrendous schedules, and living with the knowledge that there is no way to escape if something goes wrong.

picture-21Tonight, CAPT Steve Bowen, will be the first submarine officer into space when he lifts off as part of STS-126.

I’m sure he’ll do the community proud!

and for those counting at home, I know CAPT Bowen isn’t the first submariner to go into space (that honor belongs to Michael McCulley) but he is the first person selected to the astronaut program as a Submarine Officer (McCulley was an enlisted submariner who received him commission as an aviator… not that there’s anything wrong with that).

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3 Responses to Bubbleheads in Space!

  1. Eric says:

    Who knew, great find on the other Bubblehead Astronaut.

  2. Sandy Salt says:

    Another step forward for the submarine force, Go Blue!!

  3. fastnav says:

    Thanks, Eric! I’ve got a friend who put in for the Astronaut program, so he’s given me quite the download on the submariners and space.

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