Saw it coming

BLACKWATER has offered up their services to protect ships in the Gulf of Aden from Pirates:

MOYOCK, North Carolina (October 16, 2008) – Blackwater Worldwide today announced that its 183 foot ship, the McArthur, stands ready to assist the shipping industry as it struggles with the increasing problem of piracy in the Gulf of Aden and elsewhere.
The dramatic increase of pirate attacks on merchant vessels in the Gulf of Aden has led to parallel cost increases for the shipping industry. Shipping insurance has risen tenfold this year alone. With the added danger pay offered to crews willing to make the journey, pirate ransom demands that reach into the millions, and lengthy negotiations for hijacked ships, if left unaddressed the cost of the piracy boom to the shipping industry – and consumers buying their goods – will only increase.
“Billions of dollars of goods move through the Gulf of Aden each year,” said Bill Matthews, Executive Vice President of Blackwater Worldwide. “We have been contacted by ship owners who say they need our help in making sure those goods get to their destination safely. The McArthur can help us accomplish that.”

It’s a company founded by former SEALs, so if anyone’s qualified to do this job, it’s certainly them. Should bring some interesting stories I’m sure.

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4 Responses to Saw it coming

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t say I agree with many of the things Blackwater does, but this is a fine example of excellent trigger discipline.

  2. Maj Robert Gomez, CGSC says:

    Though, the recent actions of the Somali pirates and their attacks on merchant shipping highlight the need for a security force to protect merchant shipping in the area, the use of Blackwater is not the answer. Many of these paramilitary companies are not required to uphold many of the same standards of conduct or law that militaries are required to and may act inapporiately to situations. If the countries being affecting by this piracy see a clear and present danger, they should raise their concerns to the African Union or the United Nations to establish a permanent security and enforcement zone. Simply outsourcing to a private contractor is not the answer and could lead to the further escalation of violence and retaliatory actions on civilians operating in the area.

  3. Maj Robert Gomez, CGSC says:

    The views represented here do not represent the views of the United States Department of Defense, the United States Army, the United States Air Force or the United Army Command and General Staff College.

  4. Dave says:

    Between the terrorists training in Somalia and the pirates taking the ships with governmental consent and payment, I’d suggest that the ransoms be paid; the ships and crew secured and then drop a nuclear device on the whole damn country and every pirate in them. They and others like them operating in different areas of the world need to know that the rest of the world simply isn’t going to put up with this.

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