Standby for a round of contacts

So, big Ivan’s coming out to play with our good friend Chavez.

Russian warships have set off for Venezuela for joint exercises unprecedented since the Cold War.
The fleet of ships, headed by the nuclear-powered Peter the Great cruiser, set off from its base at Severomorsk in the Arctic.
The ships are due to take part in joint manoeuvres with Venezuela in November.
The move is seen as a rebuff to the United States, which is facing increasingly fraught relationships with the two nations.

Now, of course, everyone will point to this as a chance for the rebirth of the Cold War.

I just don’t think so.

The Russians scraping together a few operational ships and coming down for an exercise is just not on the scale that the Cold War was, nor will it be. Truth be told, I just don’t think the Russian Mafia Economy can support what would be needed to have a true re-birth of the Cold War. However, it’s obvious that the players involved see this is a great stand against Uncle Sam.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who will visit Moscow this week, said on Sunday that Latin America needed a strong friendship with Russia to help reduce Washington’s influence in the region.
A staunch critic of the US, he backed Russian intervention in Georgia last month and has accused Washington of being scared of Moscow’s “new world potential”.
Mr Sechin also warned the US not to view Latin America as its own backyard. “It would be wrong to talk about one nation having exclusive rights to this zone,” he told the Associated Press.

The only thing I can say is, just because two first graders agree to try, doesn’t mean they can get the big, red Dodgeball from the fifth grader.


Should be a good time.

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3 Responses to Standby for a round of contacts

  1. Maj Rob Renfro says:

    Mutually we will decided to cooperate or compete … it is not a one-sided decision.

  2. MAJ Matt Jordan says:

    Russia is starting to flex their superpower muscle. Putin has been waiting for the US to be too distracted by other world events to keep Russia down. US wars in Iran and Afghanistan have been this opportunity.
    Russia really does not like us playing in their back yard in Georgia.
    Wars in the Balkans and the US’s role in those conflict started encroaching on Russia’s influence in the region. While Russia was distracted cleaning and restructuring their own house that they have not had the time to focus outside their borders. Now is their time.
    Even though Putin has moved on from the presidency, be certain, he is still in charge of Russia as PM. The current president is someone he chose and approved. Russia is suffering from influence envy. The US has been the only superpower on the world stage for several years. Russia is now stable again and is flexing its influence muscle. We need to pay closer attention to Russia and issues in their back yard.
    NATO expansion, EU influence and other influencers are threats to Russian influence in the region. Russia will seek opportunities to re-establish their world influence and status as a superpower. Now Russia is playing in our back yard with Venezuela. Be careful what we do because we might have to live with the consciences. Joint military training exercises are exactly what we have been doing in Russia’s back yard so we should not be surprised they are in ours.

    Matt Jordan
    Major, US Army
    CGSC Student

  3. Ken says:

    I would love to have a USN salvage-vessel meet the Russian ships, and lead them to Venezuela. That would send a proper message for how impressed I am, that Russian ships can now make it to the Carribbean. I hope Chavez spends all he can on weapons – he’ll bankrupt his country that much faster, and if he can’t even get the main bridge from the capital to the airport rebuilt, I don’t think those weapons will be much of a threat after a couple of years of humidity.

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