Smart Sub? Not-so-smart PR.

Iran claims to have built a “smart sub” that is unmanned and can evade radar.

Iran’s military capabilities have “increased remarkably” after the construction of a new submarine, Iranian state radio quoted the country’s defense minister as saying Tuesday.

General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said the submarine was “smart,” unmanned and had radar-evading capabilities.

You’re thinking it. I’ll say it. If it needs to evade radar, it probably doesn’t submerge since radar has a tendency to not work under water.

Probably a better report HERE.

Tuesday’s report did not elaborate on its size and technical specifics, and did not say whether the
submarine had been tested.
Iran occasionally announces production of advanced weapons. Since 1992, it has been active in producing military tanks, missiles, torpedoes, as well as guided bombs and airplanes.
But little is known about Iranian submarines, beyond announcements years ago that Tehran bought some Russian subs and was to produce its own, smaller-sized ones.

I’m going to read between the lines here and say that “announces production of advanced systems” is spoken “they like to make stuff up.” A report with no data, no details, and no specs means essentially that. Nothing.

This ranks up there with the Iraqi information minister who insisted that the Americans were nowhere near Baghdad followed by footage of US tanks rolling through downtown. Sometimes people believe whatever they want to. This appears to be a feeble attempt at a bluffing response to Israel’s desire to purchase more DOLHPIN class submarines:

The Jewish state has purchased 90 F-16I fighter planes that can carry enough fuel to reach Iran, and will receive 11 more by the end of next year. It has bought two new Dolphin submarines from Germany reportedly capable of firing nuclear-armed warheads – in addition to the three it already has.

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