and now, the REST of the story.

I’ve always been somewhat confused by the stories coming from Iraq, specifically (and obviously) the media’s selective coverage of what happens there.

I think that anyone who’s done anything resembling serious academic study would agree that history is best written through the view of time. You simply have to distance yourself from the events before you can effectively judge them without bias. Of course, in this day and age of high-speed internet, we want our history now and correct. This is obviously a tall order, but in a country where a majority will absorb whatever they are spoon fed without protest or question the wrong version of history is what is promulgated and accepted as truth by the YouTube generation.

From Greyhawk and the fine folks working with him, here’s a little bit of truth.

Anbar rising, part two

and in the words of Paul Harvey, now you know the rest of the story.

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One Response to and now, the REST of the story.

  1. Kevin says:

    That’s really interesting. Thanks for passing that along. It’s amazing how differently it portrays the situation in Iraq than what you hear in the popular media.

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