Kaboom: Update

To quote a movie, ‘our job is to protect democracy, not to practice it.” – DEA Agent Jeffrey Sweetin

CAPT G (yes, that’s a promotion for those of you keeping track at home) had his blog shut down last month and all heck broke out here in the blogosphere.

The WaPo has posted a good piece in the Style section. It’s actually well written and provides a good amount of the details KABOOM readers always wanted to know.

Sometimes overtly, sometimes not, Lt. G wrote about what he saw as a widening disconnect between America and its warriors. His dispatches often read like a desperate call from a largely forgotten war. The Gravediggers received odd letters and care packages from strangers. Some were from older women probably looking for love. One was from someone in corporate America who somehow figured golf shirts would come in handy in a war zone.

The article does an excellent job of explaining the truth behind CAPT G’s career while juxtaposing it against numerous excerpts from the blog. Unfortunately, what it also does it completely remove any ability of the blog to ever come back.

Not that I ever thought it would.

Once something is deemed “prejudicial to good order and discipline” you can pretty much count on it going away forever. But the WaPo article shows exactly how good CAPT G was at maintaining OPSEC for his soldiers. The article tells you exactly who he is, exactly which region in Iraq he’s serving, and pretty close which unit he’s in. So yeah, we’ve gotten a peak behind the magic curtain and the wizard will never seem the same to us. But we can always attempt to relive the good old days through the miracle of the Internet and archives.

Maybe it was time. Maybe it wasn’t. Either way, Pandora is out of the box. Let’s see what happens.

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