Old School Pirates Can’t be Far Behind.

In this, our world plagued with high fuel costs and even higher costs of gas emissions, it seems that Ye Olde Tall Ships are making a minor comeback. (H/T to CDR S.)

The first commercial cargo of French wine to be transported by sail in the modern era is due in Dublin this week after a six-day journey, which is being touted as a green and ultimately cheap alternative to fuel propulsion.

The 108-year-old, wooden, triple-masted Kathleen & May has been chartered by the Compagnie de Transport Maritime à la Voile (CTMV), a shipping company established in France to specialise in merchant sailing. “This is beyond anybody’s dreams,” said Steve Clarke, the owner of the Kathleen & May, which was built in 1900 in Ferguson and Baird’s yard at Connah’s Quay near Chester.

While I think it’s somewhat awesome that this is happening, I don’t see a mass return to sail coming anytime soon. But who knows, stranger things have happened.

And I’m sure something will be lost when you sail the high seas and there isn’t a solid, “Here there be monsters.” written somewhere on the chart. Damn you, GPS!!!!

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3 Responses to Old School Pirates Can’t be Far Behind.

  1. blunoz says:

    Ahhh, memories… that serpent isn’t far from where the commodore chewed my ass when I was OOD during a STRIKEX. It was great fun. I had the choice of (a) running aground on Catalina, (b) driving into the Los Angeles traffic separation scheme and getting run over by big ass container ships and tankers, (c) driving the ship out of area and into the “orange” submarine’s skylight next to us, or (d) momentarily blocking the HDR mast and losing EHF / chat long enough to turn the ship around. The commodore didn’t like me chosing option D and came out to the conn to chew my ass in front of my entire watch section (I think he was on chat at the time).

  2. fastnav says:

    ahhhhhh mast blockage courses

    :::shakes fist at communications gods:::

    DAMN you satellites!!!!

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