Bring the Pain

Utilizing diesel submarines from other countries is nothing new for the US Navy. I’ve seen boat crews from Peru, Columbia, and Chile pulling into Norfolk for years to go play with our surface fleet as the skimmers desperately try to prove that they can, in fact, find submarines.

If my memory serves correctly, the results are usually distinctly in the favor of the little guy…if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

I’ve always been a big fan of the DESI program (Diesel Electric Submarine Initiative) because, like the article says, it’s better to bleed in practice than in war.

This particular JTFX, for the TR CSG, should be especially interesting because it introduces the newest, sexiest player on the block (pictured above for your sub pr0n pleasure) the ITS Salvatore Todaro. A German-built, AIP equipped diesel.

For those not familiar with AIP, it stands for Air-Independent Propulsion. What does it mean? Depending on the system used, it means that the diesel submarine doesn’t need to snorkel twice a day (spoken: Make ass tons of noise) to recharge its battery. The Type 212 submarine, like the TODARO, uses a hydrogen fuel cell that will allow it to run at low speeds for up to THREE WEEKS without recharging.

I really hope we get to hear how this exercise turns out in the open source world. It would probably greatly help with the thesis I’m writing on ASW.

We’ll see how it all works out in the end. Until then, I’m just going to chalk one up for the sub team.

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8 Responses to Bring the Pain

  1. Sandy Salt says:

    It is great that we are able to get these Diesels to come play with us and you are correct that we usually don’t do too well against them because of the way the games are written. The games play to their strengths and not to ours (speed & distance). The surface guys have a hard time finding any sub, but bless their hearts they keep trying until the courts shutdown their sonars. I have had some detailed experience with this and I think we would still do pretty well if the Admirals allow the carriers to move around some.

  2. Vmaximus says:

    Is it really that mismatched? In the real world what are the odds? 50/50? less?

    • Baha says:

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      • Nicolae says:

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  3. fastnav says:

    I’d say less.

  4. PopeyeCT says:

    Far far less. Anyone with submarine tactical experience will agree that any surface ship within weapons range of a submarine is going to die 99% of the time.

    Only chance an aircraft carrier has is not to be near a submarine.

    • Rayala says:

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